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Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I had been dreaming of living in Vancouver since 2006 and finally moved in 2012.

Born and raised in London, UK, I went to visit some friends in Calgary, Alberta in September 2006 and from there we drove through the Rocky Mountains via Banff + Golden, white water rafting on the Kicking Horse and camping in Revelstoke. I then arrived in beautiful Vancouver before visiting the island and heading to Tofino. I was immediately in love.

You either get that feeling or you don’t and I had it .. “I have to move here!”

And that was it.


Photo above by James Moes

The people, the beauty of the city with the mountains, the beach and the overall lifestyle of the city especially was a HUGE draw.

I returned to England to finish off a contract in finance and looked into applying for visas. Long story short (if we ever meet, I’ll fill you in on the longer version, promise).. I got my visa in 2011 and finally began my move in February 2012. I stayed for 2 months meeting people, settling in, shooting engagement sessions, portrait sessions and networking with the best photographers and wedding vendors in Vancouver and really enjoying life.

Years later I now have shot weddings all over the world and I’m passionate about telling stories, your story, wherever it may be. Weddings have taken me all over Vancouver where I continue to be based and over to Victoria and surrounding islands including ThetisGaliano and Quadra and further away in Canada to Kelowna, Shuswap LakeNaramata Bench,(Penticton)Bella Coola and Toronto.

A passionate traveller, I love to explore new parts of the world. I have captured stories in destinations including FranceGreece, Italy, Kenya, Cuba and around my home country, the UK. Recent street photography trips have taken me to MyanmarIndia, Cuba and soon Japan!

I’m a member of Junebug Weddings since 2014, Fearless Photographers and am most proud of being a part of a collective of Street Photographers, The 8 Street.  I have an up to date passport and love to meet and mix with new cultures.

I believe your wedding should be captured in a candid, unobtrusive and creative way. My aim is to authentically document your wedding as it happens, moment to moment.

I’m excited to meet you!


Stay connected with me via the following channels:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google Plus | Tumblr


Wonderful! Your photos are beautiful and you’re so natural on camera. Your couples are going to love this!

Nice work. Your a natural in front of the lens mate.

i LOVE everything about this video! You are such a sweetheart and your photos are amazeballs.

Very nice dude! :)

Great. Love this. What a fabulous introduction to you and your talent. You’re going to be huge. Best of luck for your new life in Vancouver, one of the best cities in the world, after London;-)

Hey hey Sachin! love the video! I saw you on CreativeLive with J* and I really like your photography & I can see you growing! Personally, after I met J* I started pursuing my dream of taking pictures and I really love how we all get inspired and pushed by this wonderful woman!

Really cool. Comes across so real and uncontrived. Great work!

Sachin, this video showcases you and your work beautifully. I’ve enjoyed following your career since I first “met” you with the group of other photographers for the Jasmine Star workshop on Creative Live. Your perspective is wonderfully different, and the camera loves you. :) Fantastic job!

Whooooa, Sachin!!!! Super cool video! Really really love it! And your work – amazing! Best of luck in Vancouver!


This video rocks. Just pulled me right in. Awesome.

Damn fine video Sachin – captures your spirit and personality perfectly.

We’ve spoken about a shared love for VC before, best of luck out there and we’ll catch up for a cuppa when I’m next over enjoying that BC life.


I like it…I’ve always wanted to do one but man I hate being in front of the camera. lol

Good stuff Sachin! You’ve got some excellent work, and you’re very approachable. Love the way you do things!

Jon Dennis

Awesome dude, looks great.

Sachin Khona

Thank you so much Jon!

You are quite the photogenic brit/indian/canaidian arn’t you?
Love the video. Good work buddy.

Robyn Robinson

I loooooove this Sachin! WOWSERS! So you are closer to where I am these days! If you are ever in the my neck of the woods, please let me know! Or we can always meet up at WPPI 2013! LOL :-) But seriously, awesome job. love it. Geoff Heath, you are truly talented!

You are quite the photogenic brit/indian/canadian arn’t you?
Love the video. Good work buddy.

Shell de Mar

Video looks great, Sachin! Aaaand your photos too of course… <3

Sachin Khona

Thank you Robyn!! I’d love that .. we have to meet up soon .. otherwise defo try for WPPI :D … hugs x

Sachin Khona

Thank you Shella!! x


Awesome video! Looks amazing!!!

The camera really loves you Sachin :-) Great Video! And it gets me really excited about my trip to Vancouver too!

Ariel Merivil

Sachin! This is brilliant! Great work and congrats and the move!

Igor Demba

Stellar! This is really on the money Sach. Now where are the explosions and Jay-Z beats? ;)

Daniel Cruz

Nice video man! I dig it a lot. Really shows your personality and style. Well done!

Best promo video ever. hands down!!

What an awesome video!! Well done!!

Lawrence Chan

Spot on about the accent :) Sexy. It’s a real asset considering you’re across the pond. And the only way people will know before meeting in person is video. Good stuff, buddy!

Courtney Cobb

Love it!

I’d hire you. Ace work : D

Sachin Khona

Thank you Mr Chan!

Sachin Khona

Thanks Daniel! Appreciate the feedback bro!

Sachin Khona

Thanks Courts!

Sachin Khona

Thank you so much Ariel!

Melissa Baker

Fantastic Video! Gorgeous work! Inspiring : ).

Tim King

Awesome video dude! Great job at showing who you are & what the experience is like shooting with you. Congrats on making this move to the next level in terms of promotion, came out really great.

Saadia Me'Chel Carnes

Great job Sachin! I love this video and you are spot on about the accent!

Jp Elario

mad props brother, well done!

Jo-Anne Kyle

Great job – by you and Geoff! It’s a good mix of showing you and how you interact with people and your work! Well done!

Welcome played sir!

Sachin Khona

Thank you Tim!

Christopher Becker

well done sir, well done!

Great video!!!

great vid and nice energy you’ve got going on there, all the best for what’s to come!

Sachin Khona

Thank you B! Your help and guidance from the very beginning won’t be forgotten .. Thanks man!! [B] School for life yo!

Sachin Khona

Thats coming up next year man .. shhhhh with a guest appearance by Alicia Keys too .. uh huh uh huh

Sachin Khona

Thank you @[577625844:2048:Jo-Anne]!x

Ross Dean

Great job Sachin, all the very best for the future. I know it will be fruitful. Take care, RD.

Ria Mishaal Snaddon

Good for you Sachin! I wish you all the best, and I will be looking out seeing you flourish no doubt! Vancouver is stunning….say hello from me (I lived in Calgary for a little while…) x.

Ben Sherreard

Nice work mate! All the best.

How did I miss this? Awesome!

Sandeep Kumar

Wow great video, and work, unlike any photographer I’ve ever met. You stand apart in a crowd with your unique creativity and artistic perspective. I also love the energy, wish you were around when I got married.

Heline Bekker

What an awesome video! Love it!

Sachin Khona

Let me know if you ever come back to visit!! :)

Sachin Khona

Thanks dude!

Sachin Khona

Thanks Heline!

Sachin Khona

haha thanks Saadia!

Sachin Khona

thank you Melissa!

Sachin Khona

Thanks for the inspiration JP! Beers on me when I see you next!

Sachin Khona

Cheers Ben!

Jessica Barker

Fantastic video, you’re as natural in front of the lens as behind it ;) all the best over in Vancouver!

Sachin Khona

Nice one Jessica. Honestly I was so scared of talking to the camera. I thought it would be ok but it was terrifying. Geoff is a patient man!

Awesome video! Great to see the live action version :)

Tim Hilario

love the vid bro I had to watch it twice!

Peter Paredes

Fantastic video Sachin – it’s very well done and really shows what you are about as a photographer. Best of luck in Vancouver and hope you come back to visit us in London after the Wedding season is over ;).

Ummmm… we ALL think you’re accent is sexy. Not just Canadians ;) haha :D

Fantastic video Sachin and superb photos! Wishing you all the success you deserve :-) x


Thanks all for the love :)

Cool stuff. really like the video.

Hahah! This is AWESOME!!!! I can’t believe I never saw this before. Excellent video. Good job to both you and Geoff!

Crash Taylor

Nice one dude!

Sachin Khona

Whatsup Crash! Thanks so much :)

Claire Bocian

Looking good Sach! Great video. Hope it’s all going well. Though, now I’m sad that you don’t live in Scotland or you could have been our wedding photographer! xx

Sachin Khona

Hey Claire! I’m shooting both in the UK and here in Canada .. what date is your wedding? I’d love to still be a part of it! Drop me an email : :) x

Just came across your work.. Great photos! Makes me want to move to Vancouver too ;)

Sachin, your video is very nice. I am very glad to watch it.

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