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Shannon & Clark // A Bella Coola Wedding


A Bella Coola Wedding

‘Right where it all began’ 

I knew this wedding would be special. I’d heard so many great things about Bella Coola, a small town just shy of 1000 km north of Vancouver. I decided to drive up, spending 2 days checking out more of interior British Columbia on the way there, and 2 days on the way back. Such a beautiful part of the world. But Bella Coola literally took my breath away. Absolutely stunning. The Bella Coola tourism website describes it as “an isolated, wilderness paradise”. They aren’t wrong.

Shannon had emailed me the following, which gave me a vision for their wedding and had me super excited for their day.

Clark is a heli faller on the BC Coast and we are both very outdoorsy people so the wedding is very country casual, decor will be burlap and lace with antique items.  Everything will be outside on the property.  All food will be items that we personally have fished, hunted or grown.”

It was true to what represented them. One of my favourite moments, was at the end of the ceremony, after the ring exchange for something that was totally unexpected. They are both hunters and it was a sweet way to end the ceremony (you’ll have to scroll down to the images to see).

Shannon & Clark’s friends and their family, as well as all the Bella Coola locals were all amazing. Shannon’s brother Daniel conducted the ceremony and it was really easy to fall in love with Allie and Harley. And I definitely won’t be forgetting the country dancing at night .. These guys know how to throw a party. Finally a massive thanks also to my good friend Nate Perkes for joining me for the ride. Good times brother. Good times.

Onto the story.. a wedding years later at the same grounds where Clark and Shannon first met.


Shannon & Clark

3rd August 2013

Bella Coola


The day of the wedding …

// //

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver, BC & Destinations

A shout out to these awesome vendors:

Ceremony location: Bella Coola Grizzly Tours

Second Shooter: Nate Perkes

Band : AKA – A local Bella Coola Band

Florist: Heather Bowling

Make up Artist: Vicky Hamilton

Hair stylist: Christine Diguistini

Wedding Dress: Lisa’s Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: Various

Men’s jeans and shirts: American Eagle


Insane. So happy you were able to experience the valley. You lucky bugger :)

Love this wedding event! What a gorgeous setting!

sachin, insane is right. i kept catching my breath as i scrolled down, right from that very first jaw-dropping landscape at the top. what a beautiful, beautiful wedding! the ceremony images are such perfect moments captured, and the light in the valley field during the portraits – goodness you must have been doing happy-dances while shooting! it’s divine! this is gorgeous :)

INCREDIBLE work, buddy. Easily could be editorial, no joke.

Insane! From start to finish a perfect example of how anyone would want their wedding captured! So beautiful!


Such beauty!
Sachin, good work man. Good work.
Shannon and Clark, congratulations!

Fantastic work buddy! I just love their portraits, what an amazing use of light. Have to say, I’ve never seen a couple shooting at their own wedding :-)

Magical bro

Those mountain views are breathtaking! Great set Sachin

wow…dude…this is epic!!!! your work keeps getting better and better!

So good Sach!


Some awesome and dramatic photos you’ve captured. Nice work.

This wedding is off the hook! Sachin I love your documentation of this. Wonderfully done.

Shannon Lansdowne

Thank you Sachin Khona, I just cant stop looking at these photos, you did such an amazing job and the photos you have picked for your blog are just perfect choices. I hope to see you at some upcoming weddings, people would be nuts not to work with you. :)

Wow – even just the scenics to start the post are awesome, let alone the rest of it!


Wow, just wow. Can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve last seen you! You clearly have been busy and your work continues to get more and more amazing! That last shot is so beautiful

Erik Daniel Ferguson

Dude. You killed it. So much gold in here! Not to mention a great venue and wedding.

Great storytelling. I love the details which lead up to the main event and a solid conclusion.


Wow, this is so unique! The mountains, the truck, the dog, the jeans, the guns! I have seen many wedding photos but this is really a first and I love it!

Wow. Amazing work. I now need to take a trip up to BC. All the landscapes were so mesmerizing I almost felt like I was there. Great light you got too. LOVE all of them seriously.

You are incredible. this wedding is blowing my mind and you captured it perfectly. I want to go see this place now :)

Yeeha, amaze Sachin. Stunning place

These are (guns blazing) killer! :) Great work!


Sooooooooooo good, Sachin! Loved every single photo from start to end. It was a very unique wedding.


Thank you for sharing your special day. I have been searching ideas as I and my wonderful fiance, Dave wish to have our wedding in Bella Coola where his family are and on the property that once belonged to his grandfather along the Bella Coola River. You have shown me many of the same ideas that I was picturing for our wedding. I now feel that our special day is totally possible and has totally inspired me. This is a very special place to us, and your pictures remind me of that.


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