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Corfu Destination Wedding Photographer Sachin Khona

I’ve been waiting a while to blog this wedding. So much has been going on with moving from London to Vancouver recently but things have settled down now and I’m stoked to be sharing this one with you guys..

Kristal & Makis got married in Corfu and John Bello invited me along to shoot with him. Unique love and magic unfolded in front of my eyes and it will be an experience I will never ever forget.

Thank you so much Kristal, Makis and John for allowing me to share these moments with you. And for agreeing to doing a day after session that I really didn’t want to end.

You guys frickin’ rock and I hope our paths connect again soon.

So now on to the photos ..

This is a bit of a big one .. pour yourself some Ouzo and enjoy :)

Corfu Destination Wedding Photographer

The party started at Kristal’s home ..

They know how to make an entrance in Corfu!

A beautiful Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony

Time for the bouquet toss!

A seriously epic day .. followed by a day after session on a remote island just off of Corfu. It was all ours.

Group shot! For the memories!

Congratulations Kristal and Makis!

Wishing you nothing but the best for the future!


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DUDE!! Nailed it…these are so awesome!

Man i love that dress shot with the cat! How did you manage that!!! And loving the shot of the man walking through the woodlands as well. Images i won’t forget in a long time.

Excellent capture of backlit scenes :)

Claudia Carter

Magically beautiful photography. That’s it!

damn baby that looks hot!

Super work Sach. Awesome.

You killed this Sachin, I love these! Not only am I glad that you were there to shoot with me, but we got to chill in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Good people and good times!

Love this! Sachin, why are you such an awesome photographer? Like, seriously man. Seriously. lol

Mighty good Sach! I mean MIGHTY!

dang homey. these are amazing. the black and whites are PERFECTION.


Seriously awesome work Sach! Can’t wait to shoot together this weekend! :)

You guys KILLED this wedding! So good. SO SO good! next time, I’m coming with you guys…whether you know it or not haha!

Gorgeous Sachin!!


Beautiful work Sachin. looks like you had a blast :)


Sachin, these photos are MINDBLOWING!! It took me about half an hour just to get through them all because I had to absorb every detail of this amazingness…

Adelle Delos Santos Lumalang

Amazing photos Sachin!! So much awesomeness ;))

This wedding is stellar! The bridal party images are so dreamy and romantic and your black and whites are stunning!!

Terrific work! Love the shots with the cats!


That’s how you do it. Lovely.

This wedding is SO COOL!! I’m jealous, wish I could have been there! You covered the whole day perfectly, great work!

Wow, love these. Your detail shots are insane.


Thank you for all your kind words guys .. It really means a lot to me!

and John – Thanks again for bring me along man. I can’t wait to shoot it up all again with you somewhere brother!

I love the bridesmaid reaction shot near the beginning, and the reception looks fantastic. Great work, Sachin!

Graham Fry

Stuff Sachin, inspiring me for me first destination wedding in Mallorca next year!

Achin Grover

Lovely pictures Sachin… You have captured the emotions perfectly :)

Srinidhi Simha

It will take a while for me to recover from these splendid photography. Truly awesome work. Innovative, Creative and Crystal clear photography!

These are stunning! I love, love, love all the cats, especially in that first dress shot. Looks like an incredible day for the couple and their families!

Sachin Khona

Thanks so much Adelle!! x

Sachin Khona

do it up! Thanks Graham :)

Sachin Khona

Thanks Achin ;)

Sachin Khona

Much appreciated Srinidhi!!

Wow wow wow! What a beautiful wedding and couple. The opening dress shot with the cat is just killer!


babam! all so so good Sachin! what else can I say, well done!

Sachin, always nailin’ it!


Stunning shot♥

Hello I love your work. The first photo is insane! (in the good way). Thanks for sharing, a big hug from Valparaiso.

Jess Robertson

These are EPIC dude!! So amazing! Just wow…

Gorgeous ladies. I love the special participation of the cat in the photos, they’re beautiful. The trees are so magnificent, too! Really great shots.:)

Such beautiful stuff, Sachin!

Nate Perkes

absolutely gorgeous work Sachin. Insane dude!

wow! stunning images…love the lens shot near the end.

Sachin your photography is off the chain! Beautiful work!!

Fantastic photos. I really enjoyed looking through these. I bet it was equally amazing to shoot.

Beautiful energy and and realness that shines through your images. Love it.

Absolutely frickin amazing! The last picture is icing on the cake

Simply wonderful!

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