Maunsel House Wedding Photographer


Maunsel House Wedding

Jennifer & Conan’s wedding was something else. Set at the beautiful Maunsell House, a 13th century manor in Somerset, this was a magical wedding.

Big thanks goes out to ED PEERS for bringing me along to this wedding.  It was a dream working with you!

Congratulations Jennifer & Conan. Wishing you all the best!


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What a fascinating venue. The baby through the doorway is awesome. Awesome captures of the details, and great posing with the creative formals.

Beautiful photos – what a wonderful location.

I love your black & white shots especially.

Beautiful wedding!
Great B&W images

Way, way, too many fantastic shots in here!

L.E. to tha git!

Beautiful work Sachin, the two lads on the swing, love it :)

Fran Chelico

beautiful stuff my friend… the details were incredible and what a gorgeous bride.

I love them all but my favorite is the bride with her bridesmaids in the field. Gorgeous!

Sachin Khona

Thanks so much Fran!

love it, sachin! such a stunning bride. that shot of the kids on the swing is awesome!

Feuza Tomaz

lovely! perfect for a submission, hint hint.

This is such a perfect wedding. Everything is just so beautiful.

One amazing shot after another… Such a beautiful wedding! Truly breathtaking!


Beautiful coverage. Love the bridal party shots. Great job!

Sach, you keep amazing us. What a wedding!

The black and white portrait of the bride towards the beginning really stayed with me! Lovely.

Maunsel House

Beautiful pictures and what a fabulous couple x.

Bro, this is amazing work!

Love the car and great bride and groom frames.

Dude. You got game.

Love the intermittent use of high contrast black and whites.


What a beautiful location. Your photos are great. Nice work!

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