India Street Photography

Rishikesh – Haridwar – Delhi – Jaipur – Pushkar

Each year I try and explore a new country, work on my craft and eye by taking photographs on the streets. Last year was Cuba, the year before Myanmar and this year I revisited India! PushkarStreetPhotographer 1 This years 2 week trip with Ross (cosmic brother and fellow 8 Street Photographer) started off in Rishikesh, a popular region for spiritual seekers, where naturally the aim was to ‘bliss out’ a bit with some yoga and meditation but we spent most of our time on the streets meeting many friendly and beautiful people along the way. Photographing the streets in this way is a bit of a meditative and a spiritual exercises for me in itself. A time to disconnect (with the online world where I spend way too much time) and connect with people and places. India was the perfect for this .. I won’t ever forget the smiles and hospitality received (literally everywhere) along with the incredible colours, textures and diversity of the people and the streets. Our journey took us on a day trip to Haridwar (a street photography goldmine) and then a brief layover in Delhi before hitting Jaipur for 3 days and Pushkar for our final 2. We would shoot all morning before reconnecting for lunch, then spend all afternoon with more of the same – our evenings spent relaxing for dinner and reviewing our images with plenty of good music and banter. Each evening I tried to reflect on the images captured and think of different themes for the following day to train my eye and to see things differently. Themes included colours, layers, weirdness, scenes, getting close, symmetry, magic etc.. As a wedding photographer, all of this helps me to improve and create better stories for couples on their wedding day.

Onto the images .. I’d love to hear what you think!

[For Photographers: All Photos taken with Nikon D750 + 35mm 1.8]

Enjoy :) RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1IndiaStreetPhotographyIndiaStreetPhotographyIndiaStreetPhotography 1IndiaStreetPhotography 1IndiaStreetPhotography 1IndiaStreetPhotography 1IndiaStreetPhotography 1IndiaStreetPhotographer 1IndiaStreetPhotographer 1IndiaStreetPhotographer 1JaipurStreetPhotographer 1JaipurStreetPhotographer 1 RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1HaridwarStreetPhotographer 1JaipurStreetPhotographyHaridwarStreetPhotographer 1HaridwarStreetPhotographer 1HaridwarStreetPhotographer 1RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1PushkarStreetPhotographer 1PushkarStreetPhotographer 1PushkarStreetPhotographer 1PushkarStreetPhotographer 1RishikeshStreetPhotographer 1RishikeshStreetPhotography JaipurStreetPhotographyRishikeshStreetPhotography HaridwarStreetPhotographer 1PushkarStreetPhotographer 1

A goal has always been to create a book of my street photography. The above are 30 images of a 60 image book I’ll release in April 2017. Very excited about that!

If you’re interested in getting a copy of my India Street Photography book, register below before February 28th 2017 and you’ll receive 20% off and a fine art print of your favourite image. I’ll be in touch with more information shortly.

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Street Photography Book

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  1. Really loved going through your photos!! Brilliant! I’m bookmarking your site. :) I have a street photography inspiration board on Pinterest and plan to pin a few of your shots (link always goes back to your site with you getting credit). So fun to look at photographer’s personal work.


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