Cuba Street Photographer

March 2016

Havana – Santa Clara – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Havana

CubaStreetPhotographer 16 ASEI love the unexpected nature of the streets. Going out and photographing, not knowing what lies around the corner. Surprises, opportunities, serendipity, stillness .. Life. There is always something. Walking around in Cuba, it was hard not to see the beauty in the most simplest of things.

At the start of our trip, I was too much in my own head. Trying too hard to make images work, worrying about composition, framing, lighting, movement, contrast .. everything. As soon as I let go, enjoyed being in the moment, things started to click.

I walked and felt so much clarity in the thoughtlessness of walking around. Just smiling, being with people and the streets and then the photos just happened.

Trips like this are refreshing. I get to spend time with my thoughts, meditate in full awe of this amazing planet we live on. I need these trips each year .. It was India a few years ago, Myanmar last year and this year, Cuba.

Here is a preview and a few of my favourite images from 2 weeks in a land of so much colour and beauty.

Thank you Cuba.

CubaStreetPhotographer 01 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 02 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 03 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 04 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 05 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 06 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 07 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 08 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 09 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 10 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 11 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 12 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 13 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 14 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 15 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 17 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 18 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 19 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 20 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 21 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 22 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 23 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 24 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 25 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 26 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 27 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 29 ASECubaStreetPhotographer 28 ASE


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  1. So good. Sachin, have you considered publishing an art book of your travel photos? I’d buy one for sure.

  2. Mate, these are awesome. Great set, I especially love the last one of the guy laying down which mirrors the mural. Really well seen.

  3. These are insane Khona!! Wow! Some of the best street photography I’ve seen of Cuba in years, you’ve become a master! Xx

  4. bro… so, so good. i haven’t been inspired by street photography in a long time, but this is so great. story, composition, and light in every frame. i second what elissa said!

  5. This is a masterclass in street photography Sach! Totally love the storytelling in each frame. Especially love the dog hanging on the window!!!


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