Toronto Wedding Photographer // Anna & Kosta

All images by Sachin Khona, Toronto Wedding Photographer

Anna & Kosta

October 2013 // Toronto


“You told a story of the day in a way I never thought was possible…. “

Anna and Kosta are awesome. I’ve known Anna for a few years now, following her on the interwebs, Anna is a Fine Art photographer & Lifestyle Blogger based in Toronto. We all initially met over Skype and when they booked me for their wedding, it came with an added bonus of shooting an engagement session in Paris. It had always been a dream of Anna’s to have photos taken there and I feel honoured to have been able to capture it. Magic.

I had a ball with Kosta and Anna in France in August, but didn’t know at the time just how much fun I would have flying out to Toronto for their wedding later in the year. I spent the first evening with Anna’s family for dinner, getting to know Anna’s family and friends before the big day,

Then came the wedding day, which was absolutely epic. The ceremony took place at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, and when I first stepped inside, my jaw literally dropped. A beautiful church. My eyes and my camera went a little crazy inside shooting all the beautiful details and art.

After the ceremony we headed to Graydon Hall Manor, a great spot for their portraits and bridal party photos. Then it was on to Crystal Fountain Hall for the reception. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much good food at one wedding (And I’m Indian!).

The reception was one big party. A fantastic celebration that I couldn’t help but get involved in too .. I danced with Kosta and Anna’s family and friends on more than one occasion and it was so good .. Apparently, according to Anna, I’m now a part ‘of the big fat Greek family’ and it feels great. I can’t thank everyone enough for making me feel so welcome at the wedding. I was in my element and literally felt like a old friend shooting a friends wedding.

Thanks to the dude Sam Obeid for being an amazing second shooter and for showing me around Toronto too. You’re the man. I hope we can jam again together Sam.

Final thanks to Anna and Kosta. Big love to you guys for choosing me to capture your story ..

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Congratulations Anna & Kosta!

Destination Greek Wedding 18


After seeing the images, Anna wrote me this in an email ..


Where to begin?! That slideshow was…well to be honest there really are NO WORDS! We’ve watched it a million times, the music was perfection, we laughed, I cried (ko even got teary eyed!). You not only captured our day brilliantly I am in awe in how many “private” moments you captured! You told a story of the day in a way I never thought was possible…. Sachin, we are SO grateful and thankful that we picked you.  There is no one else who could have done what you did!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! You also won the hearts of everyone at the wedding, people still are talking about how amazing you how you didn’t stop he was up then down, then over there so fast! You have no idea how many people said to us after he really loves his job you can tell !!
Just had a quick scan of the galleries and I am already SQUEALING and calling everyone!! Hahaha. OMG AMAZING! I can’t get over it, I can’t believe this is us and our wedding!! eeeee”



Very nice work Sachin…!! i like your style!

These are the business Sachin! Amazing coverage of a stunning couple.

The email excerpt at the end is EVERYTHING. That’s what it’s all about. You nailed It – image after image yo!

Sachin, you always blow me away with your work. I love the getting-ready shots from this wedding especially. Also, that cake table is amazing. lovelove

So, so, so, SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with this wedding.

So many great moments in this post! Another cracker mate ;)


Yes brother, so good. Thank you so much for inviting me to shoot with you and with such an amazing couple. Looking forward to doing it again! Cuba? ;-)

Such a fun happy day! You did a great job capturing it all!

those last pictures, party, fuck yeah! Well captured!

Gorgeous imagery!! Your black and whites are powerful. And wow, those crazy party shots!

The bridal portraits before the ceremony made me stop in a ahh!

sachin, man oh man. i was just showing alin some of these and along the way i said the following two things out loud to him: “sachin is really going places. i feel it.” and i also said “sachin has this magical skill on photographing women in a way that they want to be photographed.” Sachin, not a lot of male photographers have this skill. So BRAVO and mad props to you, friend. LOVE YOU!

Way to rock this wedding!


Some seriously great work on this day Sachin. So many good moments captured and looks like an amazing dance party!

GO SACHIN! I am blown away by this wedding! You did such a fantastic job! No wonder you received such an honest and beautiful response from the bride. The moments, the composition. Well. Done. Dude!

Beautiful coverage of this wedding. Your ceremony shots in particular are so beautiful and varied.

Nice work Sach! Looks like a fun wedding!

Great photos – moments stunningly captured – well done! Love the black and white in the air dancing shot – fantastic!

Effie Fiore

You captured the day beautifully!!! So many smiles and special moments!!!

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