Shuswap Lake Wedding

Leandra and Dave

British Columbia

‘Meet me by the lake’

Shuswap Lake Wedding, BC

Leandra and Dave’s wedding was magic. Thanks so much to my friend Ed Peers for bringing me along to this one. It was epic to hang out with you, see more of BC and experience this wedding. Leandra and Dave, you guys are awesome. I wish you both the best.


Be sure to check out Ed’s magic right HERE.

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  1. dude. like dude, for real?? i love these so much. the b&w and color ones of the bride by herself inside the creepy room with the awesome light flares is ridiculous awesome. well done, man.

  2. Oh man, I’ve been so stoked to see these! Friggin love it, the joy flowing out of them is amazing! Great job as usual my friend.

  3. Really love the one with him far right with the brides maids defocussed, also the tender moment with the lady with her hand on the lady with the red dress. The ones under the willow tree are beautiful.

  4. Her dress is incredible, I love it. This is pure art + love….with a bit of acrobatics thrown in. Amazing.

  5. It’s not an epic wedding with out the couple jumping into a pool :-) Excellent as always!!! And, that dress, is pretty cool!!!

  6. It’s not an epic wedding with out the couple jumping into a pool :-) Excellent as always!!! And, that dress, is pretty cool!!!


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