Stephanie and Keith’s wedding at the Fairmont in Chicago was the jam.

I had the pleasure of assisting and shooting alongside one of my good friends, CAROLINE GHETES and her husband Alin.  First and foremost, Caroline, thank you SO much for letting me be a part of this beautiful wedding. You inspire me so much. Thank you!

Stephanie and Keith, you guys are amazing. You made me feel so welcome and this is a day I’ll will never forget. Especially the reception.. So. Damn. Good.

The day prior to the wedding and a few days after I stayed with Caroline and her family and had the chance to explore the amazing city that is Chicago.  I’ll definitely be going back.

Please do head on over to Caroline’s blog and see her post from the wedding HERE.

Congratulations Stephanie and Keith!

All the best :)


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  1. What a beautiful day and you captured it wonderfully! I love the ring shot and the portrait of the bride and groom from above. Genius.

  2. Sachin, I KNEW I had the right guy when you came along to help me shoot this. Stephanie and Keith cannot stop raving about how amazing you are and that makes me so happy. Thank you friend! See you in a couple of months :)

  3. dude really… i mean really… i am looking through these frames had to go back up and look through them again because they are seriously awesome… i feel as if you just dropped the mic and left the room…

  4. You’re amazing and that’s all there is to it! This is photographed so well that I actually feel as though I’m there experiencing it all! Lovely lovely work!

  5. SACHIN. You are so good!! Love all the getting ready and is that a piano reflection? God you’re good. Also super jealous you got to work with Caroline.

  6. Epic. That black and white of them kissing, with the sort of railings behind – that is really, really lovely. Just utterly timeless. Great work buddy


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