A few weeks ago I was in Chicago hanging out with Caroline and Alin Ghetes. During that time they showed me the city and invited me into their home.
Seriously they have the smartest and cutest kids ever. Both are amazing parents and each one of their children have a bright future ahead of them.
When I have kids, I want them to have all the innocence of Genevieve, the curiosity of Charlie, the mischievousness of Oliver (I swear I musta been like him as a kid) and the adventuresness (I think I made that word up) of Tristan (packin’ heat yo!)
Onto the images..

Lovin’ the crew..You won’t believe the adventures this stick had ..

One of my fav shots of Genevieve below ..

This is Charlie. An amazing photographer, 7 years old and rocks a Diana Mini. Check out his blog HERE .. so frickin inspiring!

Mad props to these two…

Thanks Caroline and Alin for an awesome time in Chi-town!

Hope I see you guys soon here in Vancouver!!


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  1. omg, i am dying over here. thank you so much for these, sachin! we loved having you over and just recently genevieve ad oliver were talking about you asking where “sausage” was, LOL.

  2. Amazing as always Sachin! What a beautiful family and Charlie – man, I’m jealous he’s only 7 and that good already!

  3. I can’t get enough of these kids – just awesome! You clearly had a great connection, love them hanging off your legs!

  4. sachin, man these are incredible. the shot of Genevieve walking in front of the fountain is so so beautiful. really stunning work

  5. alright, the first image sealed the deal for me.

    absolutely love these. and the shots in the city are insane! nice work my friend.

  6. Sachin, these are such great moments and portraits! And Charlie’s photos are really cool too. He’s got a terrific bio photo option in the one of him with the Diana mini.


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