John & Elisa | Preview


Can you preview a shoot before you’ve actually done it?

I’m not really sure but I met John and Elisa during a shoot with Guy Andrews which you can see here.

John is Guy’s manager and Elisa his girlfriend and a keen photographer who she assisted me on Guy’s shoot.

I asked them if I could take a few shots of them during Guy’s session, so this is the preview before a proper session with John & Elisa in December. I’m really looking forward to it!


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Wow they are beautiful, like models!

Absolutely gorgeous couple; looking forward to seeing the December session!

dude i dig that opening frame! well all of them but especially the 1st


Really love the first two! Gorgeous light!

Oooo, I love that last one — intense, yet soft! Lovely work.

That last one, Sachin, is beautiful. Nicely done.


love the framing, so good!


youve done your job, i really want to see more.

These are beautiful! Love your use of space in the second photo.

Dude, this looks amazing.. can’t wait to see the rest.

The light is to die for! Beautifully done.

Love that first shot!

love the warm tones in these – gorgeous!

Wow Sachin!! Great work! Love the framing and the lighting :-)

First is the best! Great light.


Sachin was a pro, and great fun to work with. I look forward to our December shoot!

Yum! She’s pretty gorgeous, isn’t she? And oh-so-beautiful early evening light too.

I’m loving these. As usual amazing work.


Wow, they are all fantastic pictures,; love the contrast

Such amazing shots and these two look like they been model for years.

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