Guy Andrews | Shades & Textures | London Portrait Photographer


Some more images from the recent Guy Andrews shoot.

Guy is an electronic bass music producer and DJ from Brighton, UK. You can check out his website here and his music here.

His recent track Shades / Textures is just released and out now on Hemlock recordings.




Shoots like this are good for my soul. Guy gave me all the creative freedom I wanted and I was so happy for it. We spent a few hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon talking music, photography and his new release.

Massive thank you his manager John Connon and John’s girlfriend Elisa for helping out on the shoot.


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good work bro!! i love the hoodie shot….!

super cool shoot!!! love seeing uk photographers shooting with some heart. =)


I really liked this set! Well done. And it was just some hidden alley in London, eh? I liked 1, 11, 13, 22, 24, 27, 30, 31.

Some great images there. Love your use of space and the way you’ve framed him

Awesome, awesome photography Sach. Loving the composition, the lighting, the textures, the contrasts and the graphics – really intelligent work.

So many great portraits!

Nice work Sachin, using the light to great advantage.


beautiful work my brother. well focused on lines, division, & texture. truly a great post dude.


Very cool compositions and atmospheric light. Great moody vibe about these.

Very, very cool portraits in cool locations. I especially love all the BWs.

Rad lighting!


So many great textures and lines!

Awesome portraits, great use of texture & shade ;)

Great shoot, especially considering it’s for “Shades / Textures”! Wow. Really a good job of using a variety of backgrounds, poses, looks, etc.

Love the moody feel of this shoot. Excellent work.

Seriously, I would think shooting 1 guy by himself would be quite challenging, but you’ve mastered it. Brilliantly shot.

nice work here. Love shot 11. that light is just perfect.

This post got more and more awesome the more I scrolled. Loveeee that 2nd to last shot.

[…] Guy Andrews | Shades & Textures | London Portrait Photographer […]

This is perfect.

I LOVE the first shot!

I love the triptychs! They’re all wonderful, though. Very nice work!


14 is my favourite with Guy looking across the frame. They all came out so well.

This is dope, good stuff Sachin!

Love these images Sachin. Such a great gritty, lo-fi, urbany, feel.

Absolutely loved these! loved how you used the light and shadows.I havent seen something so refreshing and unique in a long time.


Nice photos and it goes well with the name of the album.

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