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India | In Black and White | Part 1 of 2 | Documentary India Travel Photographer


All images by Sachin Khona, Documentary India Travel Photographer

Some images from India, all in B&W.

India Travel PhotographerDocumentary India Travel Photographer

Thanks for checking out my recent travel images!

Part 2 is in colour and is online tomorrow.. Hope to catch you back here :)

*Update: Here is a link to Part 2 in Colour*

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Michael Wachniak

Dude these are so money! Love them all holy crap! The way u see light both blows my mind and makes me want to strangle you. Well done mate!

great shots here dude

These are pretty incredible Sachin! So many great characters and beautiful locations, next time you’re taking me with you. Pants this is only Part 1!

What a brilliant way to document so many interesting places and the many interesting characters that you met. Am a massive fan of black and white – to be able to capture such a vibrant and colourful country using it is stunning.

Favourite shot is probably the herd of cows. Great stuff.

Awesome, awesome, awesome as usual Sachin! I absolutely love this. Not sure when I’m going to see you next, but the next time I do, I’m going to need you to photograph me lol.

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Outstanding!!! love these


These are phenomenal! Just about everyone is a fav! Amazing use of light.

Simply incredible. Loved every single image – what a wonderful celebration of an amazing country and it’s people.

Wow….man, you have some serious talent. This is street photography at its finest. I love the stranger portraits and gorgeous composition of all the images!

Sachin, these are awesome. I so have to get my ass to India some time.

Man I miss India! Great photography, totally awesome!

This is brilliant photography. Love your work!

These are incredible. The fourth set of images down (diptych) is absolutely gorgeous. The strength of the black and white images in a place that is usually known for its diversity of color really speaks to the strength of your photography.

Luke Hayden

I always thought you was a good photographer, but something has happened over the last few months that has turned you into a great photographer. Outstanding images.


WOW. I’ve always thought India was best captured in colour, but you’ve done an amazing job in black and white – or should I say ‘black and light’?! Fantastic. Bring on Part 2!

I want to go to India. Gnarly post amigo.

Wow these are amazing!!

Wow – absolutely stunning!! Love!!

yeah, this isn’t helping my wanderlust at all. Looks like you had a great trip :)

These are gorgeous. Absolutely.

Yes. I need to visit. Someday. Soon.

Hey Sachin, some very nice portraits and scenes here. The one of the all the cows with the horns is great, you really nailed the composition. You got some great expressions out of some of your subjects too, very nice work.

I have traveled to India many times, you have done a great job of capturing the essence

Absolutely GORGEOUS, Sachin!! These are amazing. Can’t stop looking at them. Must get to India SOON :)

Beautiful imagery. Just beautiful. B/Ws hold a special place in my heart too. haha Wonderful job on both sets!

i could devour these images all day long. was that weird word to use?! but seriously, it’s a feast for the eyes and the soul. absolutely stunning.

These are incredible!!! Stunning work dude.

Natasha Antoinette

Am amazed by these!

[…] is part 2 of a recent trip to India.  Click HERE for Part 1 which was all in black and […]

Caroline Lima-Benusa

These are so amazing!!!!!

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