This year has been nothing short of incredible. I’ve experienced so many cool things, witnessed some amazing moments and have made a lot of new friends along the way. The journey has been a tough one but one that I definitely have no regrets taking. I’m continuing to learn, grow and develop both personally and professionally. I have to say a Massive Thank You to my clients for giving me the opportunity to document one of the most important days in their lives and tell their story through my eyes… Thank you.

On a personal note, I’ve been through a lot this year too, and pouring myself into my photography has done a lot for me. Many of my dreams have come true and I have many still that I look forward to making a reality. Thanks to all that have emailed me, commented, liked/messaged/mentioned and somehow made a connection with me. I truly appreciate it.

Finally a massive thank you to my parents, my brother Rahul, my cousin/2nd brother Hetal and to my friends. Your support throughout this year has been more than I ever have deserved… I love you… I am so blessed.

On to the images.

This post is not only weddings, but a collection of images that I’ve taken this year that I’m personally proud of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

All the best to you and yours for the new year!

2012 is gonna be BIG!

Stay healthy,


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Beautiful work, Sachin! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see the art you will create in 2012! All the best!

Mate you are rocking it….some quality images in there!! Cant wait to see what you pull out the bag next year!!

Hetal Shah

Straight from the heart brother. Big love and hugs to you bro. It’s been a rocking 2011 in more ways than one, and your work has inspired me in different ways. Cheers to a smashing photographer, brother, friend, dude – a super rockstar. Can’t wait for 2012, and the growth of SK!

My favorites are hands down your black and whites, talk about gorgeous drama!

Great Series, fantastic emotion coming through in these.

Absolute,y breathtaking! You are inspiring!

These are all perfection! I really love the one of the girl looking over her shoulder.

Nice set of images bro! :) Well done! The difference from the beginning of the year, to where you are now with your skill & vision is immense, and i know you’re only gonna grow from here on! Thanks for your support too, teaching me new skills, techniques, a new way of thinking :) All the best for 2012 and beyond! Peace.


Again, Sach, I love your black and whites! They just kill me every time! They are so spot on!

Killer frames Sachin… what a year. Looking forward to see where 2012 takes you!

Yay! Such an awesome set. I hope you’re proud of how far you’ve come in a year! It’s amazing, and 2012 is going to be such an awesome challenge for you!

Congrats on a great 2011! May your 2012 be even better! Great great photography I am stalking your blog from now on.

Dude well done :) Love that wide shot of building w/ the indian couple in the light!! Looking forward to see what you do in 2012 my friend.

Jess Robertson

What an amazing & diverse collection of work! Loved looking through these! It’s been so much fun to watch your work evolve this last year :) I gotta get to work on my best of post for this year…thanks for the motivation! Haha

Beautiful, beautiful year. Your 2012 is going to be SO awesome.

this is just straight dirty. may 2012 be even dirtier. ;)

Powerful and beautiful work. Particularly – to me – the B&W frames. My fave, though, is the shot of the crowd through the car window.

To see all of these shots compiled into one post is kind of crazy in the best way. You’ve got an exceptional talent Sachin. Can’t wait to see what you do with 2012 and beyond. Keep up the great work man.

have a great 2012 Sach

Wow – incredible work. Can’t pick a favorite if I tried. You’ve had quite a year!

Wow!! I am gonna pin some stuff from this now! xx

great year, Sach!


Seriously, these are freaking brilliant. 2011 has been freaking brilliant for you, I cannot wait 2012.

AMAZING WORK! Love them all! Merry Christmas to you! :-)

killer. looks like 2011 was good to you and all the best for 2012.

Great work Sachin:)

Wow! This is an amazing set Sachin! Congratulations on such a beautiful year!


Loving your work Sachmo. Awesome collection of pics. Wishing you the very best for 2012

Insane dude….seriously I have no words. Other than that these are absolutely incredible. Gorgeous work bro.

when challenged to move Boulder, many give up, few try to move, only one succeeds. Sachin, you have accomplished these tasks one blog,one post at a time. Glad to be part of these community. Sachin, you’ll do fine in 2012.


Nice work! Really impressive collection.

Beautiful photos. Awesome collection of work!

Thank you so much everyone! Your support means so much to me!

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[…] Contact Sachin | Wedding : Best of 2011 | Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter […]

[…] Contact Sachin | Wedding : Best of 2011 | Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter […]

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