2013 // Film // Vancouver Film Portrait Photographer

All images by Sachin Khona, Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Vancouver Film Portrait Photographer

All the images below are shot on film with either the Mamiya 645 or the Canon EOS 3 and a few with a Rolleiflex T 3.5 tessar


Film is something else. I don’t know how to explain it but I’m very excited by it, especially for my portrait work. To get to know my client, slow down, connect and then shoot, on another level entirely, is a beautiful experience. I shot a lot of film on my trip to India and through that experience I definitely felt I was growing as a photographer.

At the time of me writing this, I have no idea if any of the images even came out ok, whether they were affected by all the airport X-Ray machines that my bag and film rolls went through on the trip. But I know that I enjoyed the experience so much and remember exactly the feeling I had when I pressed the shutter for certain images. Those images are in my head (‘visual clicks’) but hopefully, the images do come out and I’ll be able to share them with you .. soon.

Big thanks goes to two people. My friend and awesome film photographer Michael Wachniak who helped me fix my broken Mamiya when it arrived and showed me the ropes when I had no idea what the hell I was doing .. and to Chris Bodnar who I had the pleasure of meeting on a trip down to Toronto in October.

Chris runs Caribou Film Lab and processes/develops/scans 80% of the film you see in this post. Chris works his magic, gives great feedback and works his butt off for you. Having this level of customer service is rare and I appreciate his help a lot during this year of shooting film again. If you’re shooting film, and are looking for a great lab, Chris is your guy.

Creative Vancouver Portrait Photographer

I’m definitely looking to shoot more sessions in 2014 on film, so if you’re interested in a session, use the contact form above to drop me a message or click HERE. Sessions start at $500.

For my wedding & portrait work last year, please click on this link here –> Review of 2013

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Love these Sachin… you can’t mimic this look, so beautiful.

Those film portraits! My favourite is the black and white of the groom (cause of his look and angle) with the lake and mountains in the background!

:) These are beautiful! I want to shoot more film!!

your portraits are phenomenal dude. this post makes me want to get shot by you and to actually try film out again, too. that’s how awesome it is…

I love this collection that you made! The one with the eagle graffiti made me smile.

Terry Lee Wong

These are stunning photos and I love how film is making a such a comeback! I’ve admired your work for awhile since coming across it on Facebook. Hopefully, I can have portraits done by you in the near future! :)

Love these bro!!!! Shoot more film…you kill it :)

Lovely work. Were you using the 500c/m for some of these? I need to use mine more!


So good I went through it 3 times!

Beautiful set of images man! Really excellent tones throughout all these portraits.

You are insane. There’s really nothing else to say. Your work has just exploded with emotion over the last year. I imagine it won’t be long before you’re one of the most-talked-about photographers out there!

These are amazing! I love how stylish and editorial your photography is here.

Love, love, LOVE the canoe shot. Thank you SO much for sharing!

I love your black and white photographs! The tonal rage and your style makes these photos so enjoyable to look at.

Ridiculous gorgeous! Just so fresh and light, wonderful.

Sachin, your photos *belong* on film <3

Sach, Visit Finland. And bring you film camera along.

Really nice work Sachin! I’m just getting back in to film myself, and I feel the same way. Swoon!

Dang. Now that’s some amazing photographer. Incredible collection of portraits.

gosh. I almost had felt like I could get over film.

How good is film. You’re right – there’s really something special about it.


You are continuing to kill it on your work with film — way to go, Sachin!!

Oh, and I spy with my little eyes some familiar faces in this post. That was a fun surprise. :)

Right, thats it! I’m shooting film when we next hang. You’re too good Sachin.

Perfection! Love the look of film!

Wow! Simply beautiful – the light, and the gorgeous tones!

Roger Ellsworth

Hey Sachin! Great film work my man. See you again soon, yeah?!

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