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Portraits on Film

Vancouver, BC

So proud of that frame above.

Shooting a portrait session on literally 2 rolls of 120 film (about 30 shots) is fun. And shooting Taryn was too much fun. I had a blast walking around East Van and getting to know Taryn a bit better on this shoot. Good times!

For the film geeks out there, this was shot on Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra 400, both at 400 with the Mamiya 645 and the 80 1.9 lens.  Processed by the good people at Caribou Labs in Toronto. If you shoot film and want quality service and awesome results, go check them out.

Onto the images ..

Literally so happy that I got this frame below..

You have no idea how crazy I went after taking this photo. I prayed that it would come out .. What I saw through my lens, with the flare and the birds flying past? .. Waiting 2 weeks to see the results was painful but oh so worth it :)

Sharpness is over rated. Love the colours and the softness in the image above.

If you’re interested in a film session, hit me up via the contact form above.

Film is not dead :)



// //


The one with the flair and birds is epic. Awesome job dude!

Absolutely gorgeous portraits! I love the timeless feel of film! Well done!

sachin your film work is absolutely RAHHdic. seriously keep it up

Totally RAD!!!!

Love it!

This is just super cool. love the film tone

Beautiful work as always, Sachin. Rooftop shoots are so much fun!

Go Sachin! Great work and loving the one with the birds! I agree with you on the sharpness comment :D

dreamy, man.

Magic dude. Effing magic.

These are beautiful, Sachin. She has a radiant smile!

Taryn Baxter

You made me look hot! Hahaha. Thanks Sach…Love them all :) Xo.

Piotr Czechowicz

Not possible when you’re already hot to begin with. Hey, I’m just saying what other people are thinking. :)

Sachin Khona

I say that word awesome a lot, but it was AWESOME shooting you @[516180872:2048:Taryn]. Hugs :)

Taryn Baxter

HAHAHA thanks @[1129203229:2048:Piotr] :)

Taryn Baxter

Hugs and a fist pound @[530780653:2048:Sachin] ! I’m going to shoot you in the face with my Hassie soon :)

Zoe Barrie

Oh Sachin Khona Photographer – little bit too much awesome going on here…

NAHH – I can’t get enough – LOVING IT!

Elizabeth Skalyo

absolutely gorgeous!

Anna Tsoulogiannis

These are absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Sachin, you are SO incredibly talented!

Great work. Love the tonality.

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