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Leandra // Shuswap Lake Wedding Preview


Shuswap Lake Wedding Preview

One frame from a recent wedding in northern BC assisting Ed Peers while he was out here in Canada.

Leandra Shuswap Lake Wedding

Ed is one of a kind. He’s blogged an amazing preview from Leandra and Dave’s wedding at Shuswap Lake on his site which I highly urge you to check out HERE.

Thanks for having me along Ed!


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Really pretty Sachin – a completely stunning part of the world (can we see more?!).



Ed & Sachin…cool combination! Great portrait!

This is beautiful!
I wanna see more=)

oooooh that’s fantastic! beautiful and unusual portrait.



That is one very lovely image. I can see it blown up and on a wall.

Gorgeous Sachin :)

Stunning Sachin, love it!

AMAZING imgae, Sach! xx

wow that is a great composition!

Amber Allen Strickler

this image is breathtaking my friend. simply breathtaking.

Oh, how I love willow trees! Beautiful.

Sanchin get out of here with this! Seriously spectacular!

Awesome color.

Very very wonderful!

This is a ridiculously beautiful photo.

wow! this is so great.

awesome shot! I love those trees. :)

That’s a one frame stunner, great light, beautiful composition!

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