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Creative Vancouver Fashion Photographer



Rian recently contacted me to create some new portraits for her website Truth And Cake. Rian is a life coach and writer and has a beautiful energy. I really enjoyed this session, shooting in a grittier part of Vancouver which I am very much drawn to. I’d love to shoot in more areas like this for sure.

 Here are some of my favourites from the session ..

Creative Vancouver Fashion PhotographerCreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-003CreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-002CreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-004CreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-007CreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-009CreativeVancouverFashionPhotographer-008Creative Vancouver Fashion Photographer

Great working with you Rian.

I would love to do more sessions like this, so if you need your portrait taken, I’d love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in an engagement session, family session or want me to shoot your wedding, contact me on the details below.

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Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Vancouver

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These are awesome! I mean it’s 100% the model, but you did need to at least show up. ;)

Kelly Trerise

Last one is my favourite (and it shows my work!) Can you send me a shareable size when you have a minute so I can post it? XOXO To you both!

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