Postcards from India


I want to send you a postcard. I have 40 postcards in print from these images I took in India.

[Update Feb 7th 2014 8:30am (PST): Thanks for your comments and emails. I’ve hit the max of 40 … I will be posting out your postcard shortly]

Leave a comment below along with your name and email address and I’ll have one sent out ASAP. Please also email me at hello (@) sachinkhona (dot) com with your postal address.

Let me know which postcard you’d like by leaving the title name in the comment box.

Here are the selections…

 Postcards from India by Sachin Khona

 ‘Searching for you’

Postcards from India

‘Traffic Jams’

Sachin Khona Travel Photographer

‘Asleep / Awake’

Documentary Travel Photography India


Mumbai Rikshaw Driver

‘Second Class’

Vancouver Travel Photographer in India


India Travel Photography

‘Dust Bite’

Reportage Photography from India

‘Evil Eye’

Travel photos from India

‘Ganga Bath’

The Ganges in India, Varanasi


India Portrait Photographer

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above as fine art prints for your home, please contact me HERE for pricing.

Thank you

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Vancouver & Destinations

Wedding & Portrait

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Hi Sachin, I love your work! I like your postcards ‘searching for you’ or ‘second class’.

vivi & dudu

Hello, thanks for this sweet service, I, very much would like to receive the postcard from you:)
I can almost smell the real scent of the Ganga from your pictures….. so please send me “Ganga Bath”. Thanks again!


Fantastic idea!! Would lovea postcard of Traffic Jams. All of them are awesome – really capture the emotions of India.

What an amazing idea, love this Sachin! I fell in love with your image ‘Roadside’ recently so I’d be pretty chuffed with that :) I’m :)

I love the roadside image. It’s so fantastic.

Me, me, me!!! Love postcards, especially from foreign countries.

Thank you so much, Sachin. I love your work. My husband visited India over a decade ago…it is a dream of mine to also visit one day.

I especially love your photographs, “Dodge” & “Second Class”. Beautiful work, as always.


:):):) love them all, but my most fav is ‘roadside’!!!!

Love these Sach! I’d adore getting one – I’m partial to searching for you or second class, but really I’d be happy with any of them :)

Fantastic! I love “Searching for you”

Wow!! Sachin, I’m such a HUGE fan of yours!!
Thank you for this kind gesture. I live them all, but I’m so drawn towards “second class”.
Thank you :)

Boom!! Come at me, bro, with one of those beautiful postcards. :D

Oh…forgot the title. Traffic Jam or Roadside. Surprise me. ;)

Angela Loewen

I love them all, but “searching for you” is my fave!! I need a massive canvas of it! Hahah but a post card will do :) As usual your work is stunning!

Dude… I’m really failing at this. I meant Searching for you or Ganga Bath.

beautiful work! I would love “second class” keep the inspiration coming!!


I missed meeting you and that makes me sad !
Perhaps, a ‘Second Class’ postcard would add a smile : )
And this is such a sweet gesture, thank you so much !

Heck yeah man, I’d love a postcard! I love Roadside!

I would love to get ” Traffic Jams” :D Thanks Sachin !!!

Good to see you in this genre as well ..

These are beautiful Sachin,

Each one is amazing, but I really love “Task”!

Liz Yue

Hey Sachin! This is such a great idea – love ‘asleep/awake’.
Thanks so much! excited to have this up on my wall!

Always like to support fellow photographers Sachin. What a great idea.
Love ‘Roadside’

This is so awesome, Sachin! I love Searching for You. Thanks for doing this. :-)

Dude!!! What a great idea! And I’m loving all of them but I especially love asleep/awake. :)

Duh! In case my email doesn’t come through in my firt comment it’s traciedececco at me for com thanks!

Mareike Schnedler

Roadside! Your pictures are great!

Oh I love this idea Sachin! I’ve just returned from a year’s trip around the world and moving into a new house today, so maybe just maybe a postcard from you could be my first piece of actual snail mail! I love ‘Searching For You’. Wonderful idea, beautiful work – thank you!

Great idea and what beautiful images. I love asleep/awake

I want one! :D Do you still have some available?? I’m sending you an email right now! :))) These are beeeautiful!

Awesome work Sachin! Will mail you with details for ‘Second Class’

Sheri Angela

I was in India last year and stayed in a village part of the time. Love the “task” image. Reminds me of the amazing, humble and hard working women in India. :) Sheri – Thank you!!

Mareike Schnedler

Roadside please! I love your pictures.

Love it dude! Your clicks = magic.


Beautiful work! And what a thoughtful idea! I really love ‘searching for you’ and ‘evil eye’

Paige Mackenzie

Wonderful idea!!!

Amazing story telling – great use of black and white – love it and would love a postcard ;)!

Beautiful photography Sachin! Am I too late? I’d love one, whichever you choose:)


For my newborn, to show her how good uncle Sachin is!

I’ll take whatever is left over. ;) Which totally doesn’t matter because they’re all rad!

Tara Sethi

Ganga Bath- love it!!

Courtney Cobb

I love the “second class” image if it hasn’t been spoken for yet!

Ami Sanyal

Awesome idea! If there are any left Id love roadside to be the first thing we get in the mail at our new place :D

Jeanie Ow

hi sachin! love your take on India! would love a postcard if you have any left :D

Jose Luis Arellano Espino

i want one!!! ganga bath looks so cool!! cheerssss man!!! nice work !!

My first post I’ve seen here, I love ’Searching for you’ and ‘Second Class’. I’m gonne stay here a little longer.

Hi Sachin, I met you very briefly at Field Trip this weekend (maybe the Shark Pig class?). I am happy I found your site. I saw a few of your postcards and knew I wanted to see more. I love your work and look forward to seeing more from you. Hope you enjoyed Field Trip. I’m already planning to go back next year. Cheers, Jana

traffic jams and second class is just the best

Beautiful images.

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