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I planned this meetup in August and last Sunday, we finally met …


In August, I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of the live audience members at Creative Live with Jasmine Star.

During the course,I knew I was going to be back in London in a few months and I always had trouble meeting and connecting with photographers in the UK in the past. So I thought to just send out a tweet and used the ‘innerwebs’ and tweeted if anyone wanted to meet up in London after #CreativeLive?

I received a few responses and took note of their names, got their email addresses, added them on twitter and made sure we all met up in London. [Little did I know that we had one coming all the way from Yorkshire (Paul) to attend…]

I thought a coffee and a chat would be great but I wanted us all to shoot too, so I asked if the others were up for this, and being photographers, they were ;)

The shoot would be all natural light so location was important. I did bring my trusty reflector just in case…

I put out a casting call on Model Mayhem and soon enough had replies from a few models and make up artists.

The shoot (TweetUpMeetUp)

We met up at Liverpool Street Station in London.

I often shoot here with Dr Rave, my partner in crime between March and July this year. I wanted to have a location that I was familiar with and could easily chat to the others and organise the shoot at the same time..

We all had a coffee, got to know each other and I explained a few things about  my experiences with working with models just in case anyone hadn’t done one before.

An hour and  a half later, the models and make up artist (MUA) arrived and we all introduced ourselves and got to know each other while the MUA applied make up to the models.

We had a great time shooting, battled strange changes in weather (hail stone / heavy rain) but were able to shoot for 2 hours. The time flew by and I can’t wait to see the results from the others.. (their contact and website details are below)

Processing & Delivery

I edited these images this afternoon and the sharpness of the images came to mind while I was editing them.

I’m usually obsessed with sharpness on portraits. I did a street portraits shoot with Alex Beadon on Sunday (actually right before this meetup and model shoot) and wanted sharp eyes in every image. I’m happy with the results from that shoot..

Its not that I don’t like soft images, but I love it when the eyes my images, especially portraits, are tack sharp. The photos below are not tack sharp and but I’m still happy with the results.

I regularly look at fashion magazines and notice how often even the very top photographers in the world don’t have super sharp images. If they can do it, why can’t I?

Here are the results from the day. I got inspired to give the presentation a more of a fashion look, and presentation is something I’m working on for my new website too.

Sean & Cristina


Info on shots: The above shots were both taken with my Canon 5D and my 70-200mm sigma lens at f/2.8. All natural light (no reflector).

I’d love to know what you think about the above presentation of the images.

If you want to easily follow the other photographers, they can be found via the hashtag #TweetUpMeetUp

I highly recommend you meet up with others in your area. Its a great way to connect, share knowledge, make friends and connections and above all, create.



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You are awesome, Sachin! Loving these. Love what you had to say about the whole experience, and loving the presentation of the images! So fashiony – love it! And I LOVE the movement in the last images of the blonde. Super cool. Am off to check out those other photographers now :) Great work!!


Great shots, Sachin!
The shots of Kristina swinging her hair look fantastic!
Also love the shot of Cristina grabbing Sean's tie. Great stuff!

Felix Rios

Hey Sachin great pics dude! I really like them. Good job. We can meet sometime. Sadly I missed last sunday.

Really enjoyed reading this post. That first shot of Sean and Cristina is incredible; it's like something out of a GAP advert. Love it!


These look great! It's funny you mention the sharp eyes. I feel the same way and am kindof hard on myself when they are alittle soft even if the shot is awesome. But just tonight I was looking thru a magazine and notice a fashion add that was soft yet still great. I guess sometimes we just need to step back and see the whole image.

Waiman Yau

Love the images Sachin, lovely style.

Brilliant write up! It was so much fun and I hope we can all get together again soon.


Thanks all .. Will add up the rest of the images soon ;)


Most definitely.. ;)


Most definitely.. ;)


Thank you Dominique!!! Really tried hard to process it right and give it a fashion feel.. So I really appreciate the comment!


Thank you Dominique!!! Really tried hard to process it right and give it a fashion feel.. So I really appreciate the comment!


Thanks Ajay!!


Thanks Ajay!!

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