Martina y Pedro // Barcelona, Catalonia Photographer

Martina y Pedro

Barcelona, Catalonia Photographer

These two .. plus one on the way.

Magic times and beautiful light in Barcelona a few weeks ago.

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All the best to you Marty and Pedro!


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Aaarrrrrgh! Love this!

Great set of images mate. Really good work.

Beautiful session Sachin!!

Brilliant set, love the black and white couple shot about 7 down and also the one after it with just her back lit with the bright sky.

Barcelona light, damn.

yeeeeahh man! love the first b&w portrait by the palm trees especially.

Martín Solís

tas igual a tu viejo Peter. mi adorada Barçalona

Absolutely magical!


Stunning, Sachin. The couple, the light, the architecture. What a treasure!

Brilliant Sachin, so good! Love your style.

Fantastic set of images mate. Really nice work.

Beautiful work as usual, Sachin! That light is so warm and perfect.

Great, the whole feel in this shoot, yummy! Really enjoy your work, Sachin!

Barcelona! Wicked man. The Sachin’s getting around in 2014.

Luke Hayden

Well these are great Sachin! Your style is my cup of tea ;)

wow, sachin. you are just a lighting and shadows genius, aren’t you?

Cool light, cool location, cool people, cool photos. Well done, Sachin.

That light and this colors and that architecture and those people and your compositions…this is a great set. Amazing job.

Great light and location. Fantastic work.

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