Kelly and James Preview // Engaged! // Creative Vancouver Photographer

Kelly and James // Engaged! 

All images by Sachin Khona, Creative Vancouver PhotographerCreativeVancouverPhotographer002Creative Vancouver Portrait PhotographerCrab Park Engagement SessionThis is the remix.CreativeVancouverPhotographer005

Kelly and James’ wedding in September. It’s gonna be the jam.

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Dang… love that last shot. Awesome work Sachin!

Gorgeous! Love the light in those first pics, and totally love her sequined dress!

good lord this is a good-looking couple! love their style! love the emotion n that frame third row down.

Super cool. that couple has Style For Miles

Super duper my friend! Always bang on the money as they say :¬)

You killed it with these so awesome.

Kelly Trerise

SACHIN!!!!!!! I DIE! I’m obsessed! Thank you for taking the time to make James and I feel like our love is so incredible that it must be shown to the world. We respect your art in every aspect but when you capture us so perfectly we are indebted to you. Thank you Sachin. Thank you <3 <3

James Grass

Wow Sach, bad ass shots mate!
Thank you for a great shoot yesterday, it was a tonne of fun!

Sachin — you got that light and that love. Really into that third image that shows such a good connection. High fives.

Zaira Diaz


Yes it will be the jam. The last image, yep.

Jennifer Williams


Sweet shoot. The last frame is too smooth.

Gorgeous couple. I really love the movement in the single portraits.

I love that first shot. Spring and luscious long grass are my favourites :)

Jan Clark Trerise

Fab photos! Love the location and, of course, the couple!!

Sachin that third photo is the bomb!!

Super cool, she is beautiful.

Such a fun and beautiful session with some excellent light!

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