Kelly & James | A Preview

Two from the weekend with Kelly & James …

More comin’ soon!


Nice frames dude

Nice shots Sachin…look forward to seeing some more!


LOVE them!

Aw how cute are these two!?!?!?!

Hot damn – nice little preview!

I want to see them all Sachin! So pretty!

Very cute. Great shots.

Whoa…if this is the preview, can’t wait for the rest! Awesome shots!

Beautiful moment captured. Looking forward to seeing more.

Two pictures of the same smiling people with different outfits; cool!

Emotions well captured. Love them, cant wait for the rest


Love these! Adorable couple and you captured them beautifully!

gorgeous smiles!

so sweet. love her hair!

Cute, super cute. Love the composition of that first shot!

Nice shot. I loe the emotion in them. Can’t wait to see more

wow! exudes a sweetness ….

Great set, tre cute!

Lovely photographs Sachin. You certainly have the touch. Great work.

Lots of love!

….LOVE LOVE LOVE…it’s all we need!! :)

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