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Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka – Tokyo

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I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan for a while now and to make it a reality this year was literally a dream come true. It did not disappoint. Each year, for the last 4 years or more, I take a few weeks out to travel, explore, connect with a new culture and photograph the streets and this year I headed out with friends Ross, Dominique and Liam.

The kindness of the people, the way they design their life, their polite manner and mannerisms won’t be forgotten. This trip we spent half the time in Kyoto and either side of that Tokyo with a day trip to Osaka – all of its wasn’t nearly enough. I’ll definitely be coming back.

For now, here’s some of my favourite images from a 2 week trip that I hoped would challenge me to grow as a photographer and as a person. It did both. I wanted to focus on this trip on a bit more mystery to my street images, shoot at night (something I haven’t really done much of before) and create a handful of images that could be a bit more cinematic, with a story or curiosity about them that asked more questions of the viewer than be it left answered. I’m excited to grow more in this area from this trip and bring it to my personal and wedding work.

Thank you Japan.


TokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerTokyoStreetPhotographerAll shot on the Fuji XT2 and a handful on the Nikon D750.

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  1. Awesome job. I like the mystery you captured in so many of the shots! Really pulled me in!


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