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Jadan Lee // Vancouver Portrait Photographer


I don’t ever really shoot in the studio. The streets, wedding venues and the outdoors are my studios. The sun at weddings and portrait shoots, provides all the light I need and maybe one or 2 flashes at a wedding reception. I like to keep things simple.

So when Jadan Lee asked me to shoot specifically inside a studio, I jumped at the chance. I get to shoot, then I get to play. He had about 3 shots in mind that he wanted to achieve. We got them, then I got to create some more. Thank you Jadan Lee for having the faith in me to produce. Eternally grateful for clients like you. Thank you.

A final point on the images. These aren’t my usual editing style at all, yet they are. I like to keep things clean & natural when I edit photos and these are different to my usual. Loved every minute of working on these images!

I hope you like what you see ..

Jadan Lee // Inside the studio

See more of Jadan Lee at his Facebook Page.

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Slick work, man. Loved the 1st and 6th shots the most. Stylin’!

I like what I see! Always great to have a client like that. Good work, Sachin.

Impressive photography! Love the way you use the light! :)

Amazing portrait work here – Jadan must be very pleased!

Killer work! Maybe you should shoot in the studio more often :)

These are incredible Sachin!! Image 1 & 6 are money.

Baller shots!! Love them!

Badass, Sachin. Bloody love these, seriously sweet shots.

stop raising the bar dude

#12 is sick, my fave out of the lot. So good man!

Daniel Cruz

Love the shots man! This dude reminds me of The Weeknd.

damn dude. not even going to lie this is some of your best work. period.

Really crazy good set of portraits, Sachin! I really love how you play with the shadows and light.

These shots are amazing! Love your close ups and the silhouettes

Ewa Slusarek

So so so good! Loving the elegant simplicity.

Nate Perkes

Freeeeaaakin sick dude. Insane on so many levels. Love it.

Ooooo!!! Studio shots!!!! Love them Sach. Love the fact that you did so many different light setups. A lot of depth in these shots.
Shoot more often in the studio. It’s good for you :)

Amber Allen Strickler

ridiculously beautiful photos, my love.

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