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Kelly & James // East Van Engagement Session


East Van Engagement Session

Kelly & JamesEastVanPortraitPhotographer002

I shot this session with Kelly and James when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, and boy did I have a ball with the two of them. Now they’re engaged and I’m shooting their wedding in September, so we had to do an engagement session, of course!

Great times in beautiful Vancouver light during May .. mighty fun was had, especially hanging out after for some great pizza and beers in East Van.

Editing the images in the studio, I couldn’t help but smile or crack up laughing at things that happened during this session. James has an energy about him that is well, contagious .. mix in a bit of Kelly’s humour and fun and you’re onto something explosive and electric. Ahh I love these two … and I know I say this about all my couples (because I mean it), but THIS is one wedding I reallllly cannot wait for.

Tis going to be epic I tell thee.

Onto the images..


This is the remix.


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beautiful photos. Congrats Kelly and James. Kelly looks more and more like her beautiful mom every time I see her photo.

Lovely photos you two! Kelly you look stunning as always. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos! Great job Sachin.

This is hot

Kelly Trerise

SACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! I’m crying! So damn beautiful! You made us look like movie stars <3
We're sooooooo thrilled and honored to have you share our wedding day with us. We love you to bits! Thank you for spending the time with us and catching our personal quirks in the best way possible. <3 <3

Jan Clark Trerise

Total awesomeness! So proud of Kelly Trerise and James Grass! Thank you Sachin Khona for the amazing photos! Can’t wait for the wedding day!

Joni Anderson

Jan – she is so beautiful… just like her mom!

Kathleen Grass

They are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing them. The photographer is talented but he has two happy and lovely (and loving) people to work with.

Luke Hayden

Yes mate this is legit.

Awesome frames and awesome couple! Love the one of them crossing the road and the colour portrait of them both.

Gorgeous! Such a beautiful couple. I love her sequined dress!

Dynamite Brother

Holy Crap Sachin. These rock. So steamy!

bro, only you could manage to put fun, gorgeous, epic, sexy, classy, hilarious, intimate and sweet all in the same shoot. i kind of want to meet these two, they seem awesome!

Susan Szabo

They are the best pictures I have ever seem love you Kelly

These ARE stunning Sachin! Very very nice I love them all x

Man, love the very 1st photo the most – the rich b&w tones + overall great picture = win win. Rest of the session was great too!

Great work, especially like the epic city scape shot

Great work, Sachin!

Beautiful session mate. I love the tilt-shift portraits :)

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