Shannon & Clark // Bella Coola Wedding Preview

All images by Sachin Khona, Destination Wedding Photographer

On Saturday, Shannon and Clark were married at the place they met 4 years ago in Bella Coola, BC.

An incredible few days …

I’ll just leave these 2 images here for now ..

Bella Coola Wedding PreviewBella Coola Wedding Preview

Congratulations Shannon and Clark!

More coming soon!


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Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver, BC and Destinations


You sir, are producing awesome work at the minute! An awesome couple of frames!

Tilt shift? These are absolutely dreamy feeling.

Stunning! I’m looking forward to seeing more!

really dreamlike. especially love that second frame.

That second frame has such a wonderful connection and feel to it, Sachin!

Can’t wait to see more, Sachin!

that second photo!!!

Jay Golian

Ya beauty!

Man. Money. Not going to get long-winded here about my love for Bella Coola – stoked you were able to experience it.

Beautiful and dreamy, looking forward to seeing the rest of the day.

Two is all you need. These are amazing.

This is so awesome! And I’m so bummed I didn’t meet you at CPC. ;/

Yes sir!


Danny J Kirsic

Beautiful! So happy for you guys.

Susan Wowk Hogler

Congratulations to everyone!

Sukie Sahota Purewal

So Happy For U Shannon & Congrats To U All! <3

Wow, these are stunning! I love the light and the focus. Great work!

Neena Parekh


Great light and color. Beautiful.


Sachin .. you captured a moment here that is for sure ..thank you so much for picking out this spot, cant wait to see all the others. :)

Number 2 – click, job done! Great great light

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