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My neighbours are the coolest. I had a few frames left on a black and white film roll and asked Autumn if she was interested in a mini session with Aaron. Literally 3 or 4 frames and that was it, then I would send off the roll for developing ..

I said it would take about 5 mins.

Autumn and Aaron said yes and the next day we met up outside our apartments. I shot about 4 frames and these are my favourite 3 ..

Thanks again guys!! Beers soon!


// //


These are great. They look like they’re from another time and lots of fun.

Sachin your work is always top notch dude… i seriously love this session… the first frame looks like something someone took 40 years ago… damn dude… so good.

Wow… Film envy. That fact your getting these shots on film shows your talent.


like there are from 60s, love it!

the bokeh on this is so lush!

Gonna dig out the film camera, love the first shot particularly

dude!! amazing frames. love t he last one. rad neighbors ftw!

seriously. love it.

I love these, they have such an old time feel.


Nice trio of shots. Love the processing, or whatever you did here. Very unique.

Beautiful! Fuji Neopan?

Those are so cool! Seeing these pictures makes me want to take my film camera again!

These are perfect.

I wish you were my neighbour. So damn good!

LOVE!Pretty spectacular hit rate considering you only had 4 frames! ;) these 3 are gorgeous Sachin

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