Paris Destination Engagement Photographer // Anna & Kosta

All images by Sachin Khona, Paris Destination Engagement Photographer

No words can really describe how I actually feel about yesterday and this morning at 630am. I really love Paris and have probably been here about 10 times. No lie.

So to have a couple keen on having their engagement photos in Paris is a dream come true for any wedding photographer. Throw in a bride-to-be equally obsessed (if not more) with Paris and well, you’re on to a winner.

A few preview frames from yesterday at the Louvre..

Paris Engagement Photographer The LouvreParis Destination Engagement PhotographerParis European Destination Wedding Photographer

Today at The Eiffel Tower

La Tour Eiffel Paris Engagement Photographer

Big love for you Anna & Kosta. These last few days were absolutely incredible.


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Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver, BC & Destinations


Dude, your work is going through the roof recently. Epic.

These are incredible!! The last photo of them at the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking!!

Wow, that last frame is stunning!

DUDE! This is insane.

Good God, Sachin. Didn’t think I could love Paris anymore. WOW. Dude. Mad props!



not a fan of commenting on people’s work – but that last shot is pretty dope bro …

Kelly Trerise


Michelle Stephenson



Totally totally in love with this. Amazing work Sachin



That last frame is all time!!!!

Soooo….. that last frame…… not too bad!

I feel like I’ve already commented on this post because I liked them all on Facebook!! :D I’m your biggest fan!

yeah. bloody hell.

Will Kim

DUDE! this is amazing. The last frame is PERFECT!


That last shot is perfection. Makes me want to go back to Paris so badly.

Jessica Schilling

So gorgeous, Sachin! That last shot could not be more perfect!

Wow these are stunning!! The photo with the Eiffel Tower is so epic. It looks like a still from a movie. The birds are awesome!

Sachin…..seriously? Damn! I kinda hate you right now. lol

Melissa Borges

Gorgeous photos, you just had my dream engagement shoot! LOL You both look amazing, hope your well! :)

The last frame…my mouth is still open! : 0

Beautiful…love that shot with the birds and the tower. Perfect.

I use this word sparingly, but that last photo is EPIC. Stunning, stunning work.

Kim Norris

Captivating photography! Final image is truly amazing.

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