Zaira & Giorgio // Burnaby Wedding Photographer


Wedding Photography by Sachin Khona, Burnaby Wedding Photographer

Zaira wrote these kind words on facebook after seeing the images. I’m so thankful.

“Meeting Sachin could be described as cosmic, but after getting to know him, and seeing how he captured our wedding day, we know it was more of a blessing. Thank you for being part of our big day! xoxoxoxo” – Zaira


Burnaby Wedding Photographer

So much love at this wedding.

Zaira and Giorgio are an amazing couple. We met randomly in a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver. I was talking about weddings to a friend, Zaira and Giorgio were equipped with a folder full of wedding ideas & notes and making plans for their upcoming day. We swapped contact details and soon I was able to document their day in September.

The ceremony was awesome. I loved their ring exchange and the happiness that was present all around for their marriage. They’re also quite the creative couple, so they were eager to get to areas different to the golf course for their bridal party photos. We drove to a nearby industrial estate and some great train tracks close to the Riverway Golf Club. Awesome.

The evening though was epic. Music by Albert (Dj Icy Touch) had me dancing the night way with everyone. Big thanks to Taryn Baxter for assisting me on this day.

Congratulations Zaira & Giorgio!

On to the images..

Holiday Inn BurnabyVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding003Wedding Dress hanging on picture frameVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding005Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding007Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding008Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding013Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding012Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding014Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding016Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding015Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding017Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding019Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding018Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding021Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding020Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding022Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding024Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding025Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding026Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding027Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding028-1Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding028-2Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding029Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding031Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding032Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding033Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding034Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding035Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding036Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding037Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding038Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding039Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding040Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding041weddings at riverway golf course burnabyRiverway golf course burnaby weddingVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding044Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding047Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding048Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding049Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding050Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding051Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding052Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding053Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding054Riverway GolfCourse WeddingVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding056Riverway GolfCourse Bridal Portrait on train tracksRiverway Clubhouse Restaurant & LoungeVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding059-1Riverway Golf ClubhouseVancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding060Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding061Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding062Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding063Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding065Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding066Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding067Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding068Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding070-2Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding069Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding070Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding072Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding073Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding077Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding079Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding081Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding082Vancouver-Outdoor-Intimate-Wedding083


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That first image has something really powerful in it. And there are so many more shots in this collection that are simply perfect. This might just be one of my favorite coverages I’ve seen by you. Awesome work!

Wonderful photographs. Really like the early black and white one of the bride in soft focus, silhouetted against the window.

dude…..these are amazing. Your portraits are gorgeous, and you’ve captured all the emotions beautifully.

Love all of the emotion in this wedding. The bride is stunning! That first dance shot with the rim light is my fav, it is killer!

Such a fun wedding! Love the portraits. Love the fun dance floor!

So awesome. I love the portraits on the rails.

INCREDIBLE! Your compositions are beautiful as always Sachin x

Gorgeous colours, gorgeous emotion and fav is definitely the B&W first dance – great!

just baller man, well done!

Gorgeous wedding, photographed with serious style!


Omg this wedding looked like so much fun and Zaira is so beautiful. I love the dancing photos so much!

Brilliant work. Those portraits on the train tracks are insane!

Zaira Diaz

EEEEEEEEEK… These are just so amazing!!! My face hurts from smiling as I scroll down… And everyone’s comments below are just so lovely… THANK YOU!!! Hey Sachin, let’s do it again… I’m FREE :)

Meredith Sledge

WOW!! WOW!!! Sachin, you’re AMAZING. I loooove the bridesmaids reaction to the bride coming out. BEAUTIFUL. And gosh, you just capture emotion SO well! So inspiring.

Nikki McMullen

Beautiful photos, you can just see the love you two have for each other. You look fabulous and so happy..Congratulations!

OMG!!!! I love the way they turned out!! Nice work Sach!

The reception photos are my favourite – so much emotion and movement. Well done, brother!

Beautiful shot every single one of them! Memories captured for a lifetime!

Beautiful storytelling as always. Great work.

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