Where and How to Elope in Vancouver

Ok, let’s talk about eloping in Vancouver.

First, I want to take the stigma out of elopement. Historically, the act of eloping was done if the couple’s parents didn’t approve, the couple didn’t have enough money for a wedding, or if getting married in a Las Vegas chapel with an Elvis impersonator felt like the perfect spur of the moment experience. However, that is no longer the case! Long gone are the days where elopement is the act of running away, but rather embracing the most important element of the wedding itself: the couple.

Bloedel Conservatory Elopement in Vancouver

One defining element that remains constant within the history of elopements is that the couple comes first. Nowadays, an elopement is more loosely defined. It can often be a couple getting married in a place that is special to them with just 2 witnesses (typically the photographer and perhaps the officiant's friend or photographers assistant.) Sometimes it is an intimate wedding with only a few people, or it could even be a “pop-up” wedding. While it may not be for everyone, elopements have a lot of positive elements to them.

Vancouver Elopement Photographer in Vancouver

What are the pros of eloping?

Creativity — When you elope, your wedding has a larger canvas to play with. You and your partner have the ability to conduct your wedding any way in any location. Without the pressure of having to devote time and money to ensuring that a large list of people are taken care of, you can focus on what you truly want for the day.

Intimacy — Eloping with a small group as your wedding party provides a sense of intimacy you might not get with a ceremony of 100 people or more.

Story — When you’re getting married underneath a natural canopy of evergreen trees overlooking the Cascade mountain range, that makes a memory that’s going to last a lifetime.

Adventure — For those who are more inclined to the untraditional, eloping can be a journey in itself. You can even make your wedding as part of a longer trip. 

Expense — On a practical level, eloping doesn’t come with many expenses that come attached to a wedding with a venue.

NOW Elopement can really bring you into the moment. This is a really special element. In the end, it’s all about you, the couple and this can be the ideal way to focus on each other and reenter the world hand in hand. And I believe that Vancouver is the perfect location for this to happen.

When you can elope anywhere in the world, why Vancouver?

I might be a little biased, but Vancouver is the most beautiful place on the planet. There’s everything here. Whether it’s the dense rainforest, the cooling waterfalls, the general sense of adventure, the majestic mountains, the expansive ocean, the calming lakes, you can find a sense of peace anywhere you go.

Proposal Vancouver Epic Helicopter Mountain

Matthew below decided to propose to Carly via an adventurous ride in a helicopter to the mountains. Why note elope in the mountains?
Isn't the view incredible?..

6 Beautiful Vancouver Elopements

Check out some of the beautiful elopements I’ve had the privilege to document.

Lynn Valley Canyon

Bloedel Conservatory

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Polygon Art Gallery

The Loden Hotel

Queen Elizabeth Park

Elopement Photographer at Polygon in North Vancouver

Here are 5 more Vancouver spots that are perfect for an elopement!

Looking for some ideas for your elopement, here are five unique locations that I highly recommend.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens Something classical, these Gardens transport you an oasis of tranquility and solitude within a bustling city.

Stanley Park —Everything is here. Forest, Nature, Ocean, City Views.

Whytecliff Park — A great spot for beautiful sunsets on a little island you can trek onto when the tide is right.

Lighthouse Park — A Lighthouse, great views, the forest and the ocean

Gastown and Railtown — Urban for couples wanting something unique, creative and a bit gritty. 

Outside of VancouverUcluelet, Tofino, Thetis Island, Quadra Island, Squamish, Sea to Sky Gondola

Nita Lake Wedding Photographer

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