Tsawwassen Wedding Photographer // Leah and Tyler

Tsawwassen Wedding Photographer

Leah + Tyler

“It’s like rain .. on a wedding day …”

Tsawwassen Wedding Photographer

I always hope for the best weather on wedding days, but after a really dry summer in BC, literally a few days before Leah and Tyler’s wedding, weather reports announcing severe rain and then later wind warnings (!!) filled the news and airwaves.

The day came and on the morning of the wedding, briefly the clouds parted and the sun came out .. everything weather related appeared to be great. But shortly after, the clouds started to roll in and then, just before the ceremony, the rain came…

However, it didn’t spoil the day one bit .. Rain or shine, Leah and Tyler were going to get married outdoors and they were fully prepared for the weather. Excitement filled the air as guests wiped down chairs and sat with their clear umbrellas in the rain, waiting for Tyler and the groomsmen to arrive. Leah entered with her father and under my own umbrella, I shot the wedding, moving around, wiping rain off the cameras when I could, capturing the ceremony as I would any other.

It was one of the most unique and beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen and after 5 years of documenting weddings, I experienced my first ceremony in the rain .. and I loved it!

Leah and Tyler were a true joy to capture, they rolled with the day and that made it even more special.

Portrait sessions in the rain might be my new favourite thing .. Magic.

Here’s a preview for now .. I can’t wait to share more from this one.

Tsawwassen Wedding Dress and VeilGroom getting ready cigarette shadesLeahTyler WED 193 ASEUmbrellas for Wedding in the RainTsawwassen Wedding in the rainFirst Kiss in the RainTsawwassen Wedding PhotographerTsawwassen Wedding SunsetTsawwassen Wedding PhotographerFirst dance at wedding with sonTsawwassenWedding011

Congratulations Leah & Tyler!

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Nicely done mate.

KILLER. wet hair ftw.


I loved every picture dude, nailed it.

Oh my goodness, that first kiss shot. Swoon!

Lee Harrison

Killing it as always man! Awesome work :)

These are rad Sachin. Love the candids on the beach.

Matt Herrington

Your images truley inspire me Sachin, so awesome. Looking forward to the full post!

Fiona Fanning Dunphy

Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to see more.

Yeah, I can only echo what people have already said: Killer work! Plenty of portfolio material in that one short post

Fantastic work mate and what a great attitude from the couple. I actually love the rain, it makes it even more magical!

Corinne Knuth

just beautiful….want to see more soon…

Sharon da Silva

Beautiful photos!xxx

Jessica Schilling

This is gorgeous! Love how they embraced the rain!

Alma Raja Limbong

Simply gorgeous. You are amazing!!

You have a talent at capturing frames in such ways and colours and tones that convey the mood at the time and let the viewer almost feel like they were there.

YES YES YES to getting married outside it the rain! Absolutely beautiful!

Fantastic that they just got on with it in the rain and some great photos in there!

Great photographs. Its hard when the weather turns against you but you’ve pulled off some cracking shots despite this.

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