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TristanVancouver Film Photographer

Contax 645 // Tri-X 400 // Pushed 2 stops // ABC Lab

I’m currently doing a course on film photography through The Define School. The aim is to learn more about film, to improve myself as a photographer and to eventually, learn to develop and scan my own personal film work at home like some sort of crazy photography scientist geek. I’m fully embracing it.

2013 was my first year back fully into film photography. It was an amazing journey and now I want to take it even further. I’m learning off 2 amazing teachers Nate Kaiser from The Image is Found and Roger Ellsworth.

One of our assignments was to shoot portraits at the minimum focussing distance of the lens. Here are 2 images that I took with a Contax 645, shot on Tri-X 400. Developed and Scanned at ABC Photo in Vancouver.

Tristan is a bad ass photographer in Vancouver too and he kindly gave me his time so that I could practise. Thank you brother. You can check out his beautiful work right here.

Looking forward to sharing more soon. If you fancy having your portraits taken on film or otherwise, get in touch.


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Love this portrait!
Can I say that Nate Kaiser just rocks?!

Great Sachin, when are you starting your own home development? Should give pushing Tri-X a stop or two as well, its just lovely :)

Great organic feel to these.

Awesome bro! mmmm 645 :¬)

Oh wow Sachin! SImply stunning, can’t wait to see more of your film work!

Love film, love Contax 645 even more. Amazing tool for an amazing photographer!

That 2nd one is really captivating.

Nicely done dude.


These are absolutely breathtaking.

Loving your film work bro.

Awesome photos! I really like the first on the left and the texture that they have.

Awesome portraits! I would love to get in to film more but it is super expensive down here in New Zealand. It was so much cheaper when I was in the USA and Hong Kong.

Really love the tone of these, great shots!

Wow, that DoF is stunning!

Love your film work. I really need to start doing more.

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