One on one mentoring – a unique solo workshop for creatives.
Ask anything you want from shooting, to editing, gear, image critique, business, workflow. Anything goes …

Find your voice in photography, challenge your perspectives and create your vision.

I’ll give you the tools to create or improve where your business and creativity is. 

We cover anything and everything you want to learn + all photographers are welcome to book.

See below for rates


With this option, I’ll conduct a full review of your website, the images in your portfolio and 2 full galleries of your choice. 
A report will be given to you base don my review.
We will then arrange a 1.5 hour video conference call to go over it all and your chance to ask any questions. 


  • For a 8 hour – $1200
  • For 4 hours –  $650
  • For 2 hours – $350
  • For 1 Hour – $195
  • Portfolio Review (report & 90 minutes video conference) – $550 

Please reach out if you would like to book a one on one mentoring session or a portfolio review.

Thanks so much!



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