Stephanie and Anthony | Preview | Vancouver Wedding Photographer


It’s late in the evening and I wanted to blog.

Here’s a preview of something I’ve been wanting to share for a while.

2 weddings and an engagement session are in stall for me this weekend but much more goodness is coming real soon to a blog near you!

Have a great weekend!




Digging that space in the first shot. Looking forward to seeing more Sach!

The middle one on the left looks like it belongs in a magazine advertising some amazing makeup. Seriously, looks like you spent 2 hours setting up this one shot, it’s amazing.


That dress shot – stunneeeer!

Great tension in the framing of that last photo. Cropped so delicately & perfectly.

these are very cool!!! nice work!!

such high fashion Sachin! Amazing.

Richard Ware

Nice mate! Like these images!

Very simple and elegant. Nice work!

That’s one heck of a preview brother! The bridal shot of her is killer, wish that I could pose like that!

this is one hell of a preview. I can’t wait to see the full wedding. well done man!

That glamour shot of the bride in the second row is stunning! And I dig the intimacy of the last shot. You can see just how she feels about that man, in her one eye.

WOW she is stunning! She looks like a model!!

Damara Moe Natenhorst


love the compositions!

Jess Robertson

Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more!

Stunning portraits, those are seriously gorgeous!

Stunning, simply gorgeous portraits!

Love that portrait of the bride. great work.

Oh hi, these are freaking brilliant.

Nikki McArthur

Love the last frame!

Sachin Khona

Thanks Nikki x


Loooove that first shot! And damn can that bride work it!

Denise Prichett

These images are amazing. I LOVE the one of he bride alone looking fierce!!! Nice job Sanchin!!!

Gorgeous work Sachin, love the diptych!

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