Star Captains // Vancouver

A night jamming in Fortune listening to this amazing Vancouver based band. The Star Captains. Check them out on bandcamp here: Soul, funk, hip hop .. awesomeness. A great excuse for me to test out the Nikon D750 in really low light. A lot of these photos are shot at ISO 12800 at f/1.8 with the 35mm f/1.8. StarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouverStarCaptainsFortuneVancouver Massive thanks to Max, NaRai and Daniel for such an epic night. Peace.

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Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Vancouver

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