Tracy and Harry

Stanley Park, Vancouver Session

A quick session with these two before they pack their bags and move one of the greatest cities on the planet, London, England.

I might be a bit biased.

Just a bit.

Onto the images..

LostLagoonSession00LostLagoonSession001-LostLagoonSession005LostLagoonSession001LostLagoonSession002LostLagoonSession006LostLagoonSession004LostLagoonSession007Stanley Park Vancouver SessionLostLagoonSession009LostLagoonSession010LostLagoonSession020LostLagoonSession011LostLagoonSession012LostLagoonSession013LostLagoonSession014-1LostLagoonSession018LostLagoonSession017LostLagoonSession014LostLagoonSession015LostLagoonSession016LostLagoonSession023

All the best to you both.

See you in London for an Arsenal match, fellow Gooners ;)


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  1. What a great variety of shots! You’ve captured them perfectly. Hopefully it will entice them to come back to Vancouver.
    Btw, I had no idea you were an Arsenal fan! lol. I would’ve used that as the first selling point! ;)


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