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This reception was crazy. It was a week after the wedding and the energy and excitement was fully released.

As soon as the first dance ended, Dhru and Shruti invited everyone onto the dance floor and the party really started! And they hadn’t even served the mains yet ..

See for youself..

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The first dance! This is my favourite image from the night:

Love the expression and joy on this person’s face

Shruti’s parents with Dhru’s parents on the dance floor! I found them partying together during the night. Love this shot of them.

Congratulations Shruti & Dhru!

Images from Shruti and Dhru’s wedding are here

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Love all the reception dancing shots. Great job!

Great stuff Sachin, lovin those party shots, so much fun!

Oh .. I love Indian weddings!! So rich in tradition ..

Incredible! Love the party shots so much.

They sure know how to party! Really great work. Love the B&W processing.

Stunning shots. I do love indian weddings, so much tradition and colour. Excellant work !

absolutely amazing. awesome work!

Lovely. I can see your style developing further every time I look at your work. The dancing shots are epic! p.s. happy birthday!

Daaaaaaaaanh, Sachin. You nailed it!

Beautiful! I love the back lit reception photos!

Always awesome color and feel on your frames!!!

great perspective. love how you framed these shots, and I love the cool greens in your outdoor photos.

That photograph of the bride and groom just before the detail shots is epic!! Wonderful work!

LOVE the brides headpiece!! Amazing photography, the light behind them dancing, wow. Looks like a fun party too xxx

[…] me”. do go over to Sachin blog to check out the reception pictures.!! no really go now…here […]


Lovely work Sachin ! That image(your favourite) of the first dance is very cool :-)

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