Shruti & Dhru | Sneak Peek

Two frames from today’s beautiful wedding.



Congratulations Shruti & Dhru!


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killer pics!

Beautiful photos! Love Indian weddings. Vivid and colorful.

WOW love both of these. The bride’s dress in the second shot is amazing!

OH WOW, that first shot is STUNNING. What great light, and what a loving couple!

so great!

Loving the emotion of the couple in the first frame!

Loving it, can’t wait for more!

Andrew Childress

Two excellent captures here, great moments!

oh how gorgeous! I love when they get to have multiple weddings! So pretty!

Beautiful in both changes of clothes.

I love both photos, but the traditional indian outfits are just sooooo beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos :)

2 awesome frames!


Looks great!

WOW love the colors great job!

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