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Shruti and Dhru’s wedding a few weeks ago was beautiful. A registry ceremony followed by a traditional Indian wedding in the heart of London.

I loved shooting this wedding. For its diversity, its emotion and its beauty. Big thanks to my brother Rahul F5 for assisting me on this one.

This is actually part 1 of a 2 part blog post. There was so much to share I’ve split the blog post up for the first time. The second blog post will be from the wedding reception which was a week after the ceremony.

Thank you Shruti and Dhru for allowing me to capture your day!

If you see yourself in these images and would like them for facebook, you can tag yourself here.

Congratulations, Shruti and Dhru!

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come from the reception.


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Sachin! Just beautiful!!!!!

Beautifully captured wedding. I love the shots through the car windows!

You’ve captured some really lovely, tender moments. And the colours, oh they are magnificent!

Wow, beautiful.

Sachin! Your work is simply incredible, some gorgeous portraits, and the car reflection shot using your head to block the reflection… genius! Awesome man, beautiful couple!

Beautiful imagery Sachin….

wow. So lovely. Those car window shots are really something else!

Gorgeous details!

Stephanie Miller

You blew my mind with this one Sachin! I have dreams about shooting a wedding like this!

Keith Daigle

Epic. Love the amount of color in the ceremony shots.

amazing!! beautifully captured. I love indian weddings:)

Chelsey Somohano

Gorgeous wedding. So much vibrance! Those reflection shots of them getting into the car are my absolute favorites.

Wow, stunning colours and moments! Beautiful work, Sachin. Must admit I went “what the what?” when I saw the swastika on the coconut, before I realised it means something else entirely in India! :-)

Great work as always, love the details and fantastic colours

How beautiful, I love the traditions, the colours and your style and creativity has complimented it perfectly. :)

You rock :) And the wedding rocks!

Oh wow so vibrant! Some wonderful pictures here.

beautiful set, car window shots are nice, inspire

Beautiful Sachin! Great job with this one!

The ones you shot through the car window are sick! Great work all around.

Too amazing! this is making me excited to shoot my first indian wedding in November heheeh

Wow what a great documentation!

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