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Shruti + Dhru | Engaged | Engagement Session in Richmond Park, London


Shruti and Dhru are getting married in August.

A few weeks ago I met up with them in Richmond Park and I had a great time meeting up with them and shooting  their engagement session. We dodged clouds, a bit of rain and some wind but that added to the excitement and drama of getting their shots done.

The session finished off with a few drinks at the local in Richmond. Good times..

Can’t wait to shoot the wedding and ceremonies in a few months.

Congratulations guys!


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Really like that second shot down – very atmospheric!

I love it. That shot of her looking over his shoulder… tasty!


Love it! Shruti & Dhru look like such a ridiculously cute couple and those first couple silhouette shots are just so dramatic and awesome.

Still loving the high grass in these and I adore the one of her looking over his shoulder.

Beautiful images Sachin, very emotional and romantic.

I love the images of them just against the dark sky – very epic.

Your work is stunning… seriously stunning!

There’s just something romantic about a dark, cloudy sky. You really brought out the drama in this shoot. So many stories could be told using these photos alone. Great, great job. Congratulations to Shruti and Dhru.

Wow. These are amazing. The first few are so dramatic and these two have great style.

You had me at the very first image. What a great series, though – I really love the last grass shot, where the couple is out of focus: very cool!

So incredibly dramatic!!! Love em!


Fabulous! I adore that third to last grass shot.

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