Shraddha & Vivek | Ragley Hall Wedding | Preview


A few frames from yesterday’s wedding at Ragley Hall in Warwick ..


Love her hands in that last shot.

These are amazing Sachin! The second and third shots of the groom are too good!

Wow, Sachin, these are pretty frickin’ impressive. That first frame is killer.

Those are all just gorgeous! Very well done, Sachin.

Amazing, just the type of photography I love. Especially the Black and whites

Good gosh.. that first picture. Stunning!

Dude.. you are awesome. Love the last one!

Good gosh this is amazing. Mind simply blown!

WOW the first portrait is breathtakingly beautiful, as is the last. what nice caps to some awesome moments in between. Stunning photos!!!

The eyes in the portrait are just stunning.

last frame is so much win.

AWE – SOME ! ! !

I really do love your work, and these images are no exception. The first one in particular is quite arresting. Can’t stop looking at it.

wows. that last image made my heart skip a beat. :)

Meow <3 I love these!

That first photo… so… freaking amazing. So good, Sachin. :)



Beautiful henna art! I’d love to photograph a wedding like this. Great photos

Alice Wilde

wow wow wow wow and bohot wow !!!

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