Shooting for the Stars... Creative Live Day 4

Wow! How Amazing was yesterdays wedding?

Jasmine and JD share a moment during the viewing of the Creative Live audition tapes…

I just wanted to congratulate Jasmine and JD for doing an amazing job at the wedding yesterday. Jasmine, you are a Super Woman… You are ready for your cape! You did an awesome job of shooting the wedding, the slide show was fantastic and somewhere in between you managed to teach the rest of the world how to shoot a wedding too.. Bravo!

I really enjoyed third shooting yesterday and so did the other students (The Creative Live Five!)

Props to JD for shooting this picture of me at the wedding!

I cant wait to relive the whole experience again on the downloads…

Today was a much more chilled out atmosphere after the craziness of yesterday and the wedding.

It was great to get some questions from the audience watching at home and all over the world today. I wish I could have had some more!! Send me messages/questions via twitter for Jasmine and ill try my best to air them to. I have so many I wanna ask again tomorrow too! I want to understand the business more, and as I’m setting up a new company myself, this knowledge will be invaluable to me.

After we cut the air, all the students were able to ask Jasmine some more questions after she debriefed us on what we needed to do for tomorrows class (bring 250 images from the wedding untouched, edit 2 images to show the class from yesterdays wedding or the first look).

I was able to have some one-on-one time with Jasmine too and it was great information on my website, business and other things regarding my own situation I didn’t really want to air on camera… A side note to Jasmine: I truly appreciate this time. I wanted to speak to you about things on my mind from the start about running my company and you giving me this advice will steer me in a great direction. THANK YOU!

The drive home after with Audrey and Victoria was great too. I love these moments. We are just buzzin’ off air and I wish you guys could see this. We’re full of ideas and its great to see that we’re ready to take action to make sure our business grows with our ideas.
The sunset during this time was spectacular. Here are a few images I was able to capture from inside Victoria’s car.

I just love this shot… I’m so pleased with it.. I haven’t even touched it in processing…

Again, thank you for all our support. I get some really touching messages and emails on my blog and on twitter and I cant believe how lucky and fortunate I am.

Someone cyber pinch me!

I hope you have a great night.. I’ll see you in the morning/afternoon/evening/night – whatever your timezone may be…

I got a great post from yesterdays wedding but due to timings etc I wont be able to post the experience later… hope you can check back in soon to my blog to read it…

Hope you can tune in again tomorrow when we showcase our images… Last time live to the world!!

Good night ;)




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OOh, does this mean we get to see 1250 pics on the next show, I bet the creativefivelive rocked it, just like Jasmin did!
Love the photos you have posted, and look forward to seeing more on the next show!


Sachin, I absolutely love the shots you've taken of Jasmine and JD! They are so organic! =)
It was indeed a GREAT experience having you guys at creative and watching you learn and grow for 4 days!
Besta luck for future and I would be religiously following your blog frm now on!

Rammal from Pakistan.

nicholas gonzalez

Sweet post, Sachin. I have a question for you. How is your workflow, from capture to posting to the blog. You guys have worked so hard at posting fresh images to the blog, with watermark and all, to your blogsite. I was wondering if you can share how you set up your images to your blog as fast as possible.

Love hearing all of the great behind the scenes info! And, I just adore those two pics of JD and Jasmine! Thanks for sharing :)

Juli L.

Another great post…thanks for sharing! Love the pic of Jasmine & JD and the Seattle shots, especially that last one! :)

sherry boles

You've been asking some great questions, Sachin! Congrats on being a part of this event!

I love your picture of Jasmine and JD, quintessential, her leaning on him. You are doing a great job and will be a great addition to the West Coast Photography scene… welcome!


Great shoot of JD and Jasmine form the back! Rudi (the Netherlands)


Hey! Thank you.. This week has been so manic but I'd love to share this with you in a blog post soon!!! – Enjoy the live feed comin' up!

p.s. My workflow includes a lot of late nights.. I slept at 330am yesterday!! ha!


Wow! It's on Jasmine's blog! Gongrats!


I have loved watching Creative Live, and i have really expecially enjoyed your accent, it is very very relaxing!


Congratulations on this experience. May you take what you've learned from it and soar!!!!


Enjoyed the pics you posted. You have an awesome accent btw !! Hope you learned lots from the experience.


Terrific post, Sachin. I love your photos. That first one of Jasmine & JD is so gorgeous. It's great to get the behind-the-scenes look of people who are already behind the scenes. LOL! How terrific to be a part of this. Looking forward to seeing how your blog grows and evolves from this time.

I enjoyed watching all of you, in the creativelive experience. love your photography style and swagger. Good luck in the future, the sky is the limit.


Nice words there , today feels kind of odd being the last day , i know today is the last day and its like being on holiday and you know you have to go back to your normal life is a strange feeling , i been following you and everyone else for the last 5 days. So tomorrow is going to be a strange day


Love the pic of Jasmine and JD taking a moment. All of your photos are beautiful.

Great photos Sachin! You guys all did such an amazing job shooting the wedding! I really love your work!


I followed all five days and while I may have been watching, I experienced along side of you the greatness and valuable information from this workshop. How great that the five of you connected so well. Take care, Pam Rauber


It's almost midnight here in Maryland and I'm waiting for you all to return from the break on CreativeLive re-run. I want to check out the part I missed while I was making supper for the hubby. Of course I'll watch the rest of the tape as well – that is until I fall asleep. You've all been so fantastic with your terrific photos and blogs to keep us in the know of all the happenings behind the scenes. Thanks heaps!
It's going to be so difficult getting back to normal after this marathon wedding series, but Jason Hoppe and his Photoshop 5 class at CL next week will surely help ease the pain.
As you walk the streets of London one drizzly day and if a strange woman should come up and say “Hi Sachin”, it just might be me on one of my visits home from the US – hope you'll say “Hi” back. Good Luck in your Photography career.


That first photo is awesome. It totally captures the mood!


I know you don't know me….and we will probably never meet….you will probably hear this a million time….but that first photo is amazing!!!!!!!!

Good stuff dude! looks like you had a blast and learned some cool stuff too!

this is awesome…I saw you!

Congrats Sachin! So awesome, thanks so much for sharing your experience, and YOU! :) PS. I love your accent. Cheers!


Hey, I love that photograph you took out your window! Very cool!

Nasir Hamid

It was great to see someone representing the UK. Nice one!


Congrats Sachin, you are doing an amazing job! You should be very proud of yourself because I am sure you have a great future ahead of you. You rock, man!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience and photos… Felt like I was there with you all (I wish!).
Love the 1st Seattle sunset shot !

Martin Robison

Nice work….I love those portrait brother!!!! :)

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