Riverway Burnaby Wedding Photographer


Riverway Burnaby Wedding Photographer

Nadia and Colin

The ‘Tie The Knot Tour’

A Preview

[For the full blog post from this wedding, head to this post]

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This is just a glimpse into the awesomeness that Nadia and Colin put together for their wedding. Incredibly blessed to have been a part of it .. and thankful for the friendship that has grown out of our connection.

Enjoy the honeymoon guys!

Big love,


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the dream team! Lovin the last frame especially.

So so good! Loved being there to witness it first hand and love seeing it again! Thanks for having me along for this one!

One word: Sensational

What a stunning couple! I love the groomsmen shot, and all of the couples portraits!

Love those super wide angle shots. Great coverage.

so beautiful. Love your use of light.


Always creative and beautiful from you Sachin!

This is incredible! I love every single one of these images.

Simply stunning!

So dang good, every time. This couple is adorable!

Balloons! So great!

The top frame with the balloons and silhouette is my favorite.

Your images are SO. CLEAN!

Luke Hayden

So good Sachin. Them b&w’s are Noice!

How can you not a love a wedding with balloons! <3

love those portraits!

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