Reshma & Brijesh | Preview | Alternative London Wedding Photographer

A few frames from Reshma & Brijesh’s wedding at Chigwell Hall. 

Plenty more coming soon!


Wedding | Portrait | Vancouver | London


I love how expressively you capture the hands – nice work!

awesome as always! i love your black and whites! epic.

These are so beautiful Sachin! Love your the filmy look of your BWs.

big fan of the b&w’s. rad work.

Indian Weddings = THE COOLEST! You nailed this one!!

You just keep on getting better. Beautiful.

I love this. Like Marianne said, you just keep on getting better :)

Wow. The details in this wedding are beautiful, I love the colour shots they bring to life the day

nice work, fella. As always.

Your b/ws are so crisp. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful mate! Love the subtlety in the storytelling – the pieces you leave out of the image to leave us guessing.

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