Reflections & Colours // Creative Vancouver Elopement Photographer

Love getting creative with my portraits.

Here’s a frame from Richard and Sean’s elopement which will be on the blog soon!

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I love everything about this! Its a slam dunk in my book

I love the play with reflections! Can’t wait to see a whole post!

Wow .. so creative

Wow! You are amazing!

Sachin this is great! Awesome reflections. These guys look totally dapper, too, can’t wait to see more images from this elopement!

Sachin! Love! Handsome fellows too!

What an amazing shot – very creative!

Lovely image! Nailed it as usual my friend :) x

Nice. This is the perfect editorial shot. Needs to be in a magazine.

Love a reflection or two. Well seen Mr K!

Awesome shot Sachin! So cool.

stop it man

Love this. Also, they look so dapper!

WOW! This is awesome in so many ways.

killer shot!

These photographies are awesome. 4th one totally got me. Keep it up!

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