Nima & Ravi | A London Wedding

Two of my good friends got married at the HARE KRISHNA TEMPLE in London. Rain came and went, but stopped at all the right times. I shot at this very temple just a few days before and the energy here is something else. Truly an honour to shoot there.

Nima and Ravi are great together. I’ve known them as a couple for over 10 years and Ravi since I was a young teenager and I used to get in trouble with him during Maths classes. I’m not the best writer, but if I could write better, I would express the love I see between these two as being one of the realest loves I have seen.

The day ended with Nima joining Ravi’s family at their house in NW London for a short ceremony and some traditional games. Happy and sad tears,  joy and laughter. A true celebration and everything a wedding needs.

On top of all this, I got to shoot Nima and Ravi’s wedding alongside my brother RAHUL. We shot so many weddings together in 2011 but this one was of very few we got to shoot together in 2012. Always a pleasure to have you along bro. Thanks for the guidance and inspiration as always.

A day I wont forget and a pleasure to be a part of.

Ravi & Nima… Big love for you both ..

All the best!



Excellent color. Nice captures of peak moments.

Wow, wow, W-O-W!!! These are SPECTACULAR captures!!!!!!!!!!!
You are so amazing, Sachin!

I love Indian weddings and this is no exception. It’s all so colourful and beautiful and you’ve captured it amazingly well.

Wow!!! So many amazing moments captured. I especially love the b&w one of all the girls getting ready.

So beautiful and vibrant, and so many sweet, emotional moments captured!


S-s-s-s-stunning work every time.

Absolutely gorgeous wedding! Love the moments that you’ve captured, how you tell a story visually! Wow!

Fantastic stuff buddy! Some awesome emotions and compositions in there. The bride is stunning!


Awesome as always. Such a wide range of colors, so gorgeous!

Beautiful work! Love love love!

These are incredible. The whole set. Amazing work!

Melissa Baker

Beautiful work! Love love love.

Sachin Khona

Thanks Melissa x

Slick man. The Sachin.

Beautiful work as ever mate. Great first frame, very cool couple.

There’s just energy and more and more energy in your photos, love your work!

like this a lot!

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