Rachel & John | Preview | Chiswick Wedding Photographer


One frame from yesterday’s wedding.

I’ve been waiting some time to create a picture like this…

At the end of the portrait session during the wedding, Rachel and John were walking back to the car. I spotted this scene, asked them to stop and the above image resulted.

The photo to me shows the unity between the two. That they are now together, unified and married.

Congratulations Rachel & John!

Enjoy your honeymoon..


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Nailed. Love it!

Fabulous in every respect. Just amazing subject placement and balance :)

love the green tones!

Looking forward to seeing more!

Lovely framing – think this deserves a large print!

Damn! You killed this one! Just awesome!


A gorgeous frame! can’t wait to see more!

Gorgeuos framing! A keeper for sure!

Nice dude!

Yikess…too good!

That is simply stunning! Beautiful image!

Hope they printed this one really big. Stunning shot!

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