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Portraits by Nirav | Las Vegas


In February, I was in Las Vegas for a photographers conference called WPPI. I contacted NIRAV and asked if he could shoot some portraits of me for my new website and branding (coming soon!). Needless to say I was stoked when he said yes!

Below are the just some of the amazeball images Nirav took from hanging out one afternoon on the strip.

Thank you so much for these images Nirav. I super love them and it was great fun to hang with you brother!

This below is one of my fav images Nirav took of me with his Medium Format FujiGF670 camera

Make sure you go peep his work & website HERE .. its bonkers!




Cool! I love Niravs work

So cool!! What a dream to be shot by Nirav.

Wow! These are fabulous. You are going to have a tough decision to make on which ones to use!

LOVE that first shot. The shadows are perfect!

shot #2 is epic. sick, Nirav!

Yup, Bonkers!!!

Nirav is really unbelievably amazing. These are all SO good!

Very cool – yeah really digging that last one. The red line of the curb really gives something.

I’m a little jealous… cool shots dude! ;-)

I’m such a huge fan of Nirav and his work. This is why.

Well, if you’re going to have some portraits done I can’t think of anyone better! Nirav’s one kick ass tog ;)

So cool. Awesome work, dude.

Amazeballs? Definitely – these are totally cool!

Nirav Patel

Love you brother!!

How does it feel to be on the other side? :D

Dude you look great! Love the photos congrats!

Awesome photos. You look like a really sweet guy :)

Sachin Khona

you’re the man bro! hope you’re well!

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