Planning Your Vancouver Micro Wedding

2020 was an intense year of change and limitations brought on particularly by COVID-19. While most couples last year understandably postponed their Vancouver weddings until 2021, keeping their venues and vendors in place, others decided to focus their attention to forge ahead with a micro-wedding. If you’re unfamiliar with what micro-weddings are, I’m excited to share some knowledge and benefits to organizing your own in this post.

I have shot several Vancouver Micro Weddings this year and last and I'm excited for this trend to continue this year.

Are you planning a Micro Wedding?

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Elopement Micro Wedding Vancouver

Planning Your Vancouver Micro Wedding

Unsure of how to decide what direction to go with your wedding planning in light of the pandemic?

Don’t worry, you always have options. You can…

  1. Hold on to your date.

    Continue to hold onto your date and keep an eye on the rules, keeping up-to-date with local advice.
  2. Downsize and elope this year.

    Elopements are very safe to do so with effective social distancing in Vancouver. Elopements are awesome and many couples have chosen to elope this year and plan larger Vancouver wedding celebrations and receptions in the future.
  3. Have a Micro Wedding this year.

    Micro weddings are a wonderful chance to still celebrate your love while reconnecting in a meaningful way with an intimate group.
Fraser River Lodge Micro Wedding

What is a Micro Wedding?

While it might seem non-traditional, planning a micro-wedding still honors the traditions of planning a ceremony and reception while making it uniquely your own with a more personalized feel. Here are some benefits to planning a micro-wedding:

  1. Micro-weddings are a lot simpler, and intimate.

    They can include traditional elements but also give room to  break them -- it provides a good opportunity to design your ceremony and be original.

  2. Micro-weddings are still weddings, just smaller.

    A lot of the same kinds of planning applies, yet it’s not an elopement (an officiant, a photographer, and two witnesses) - Take a look at some beautiful micro-weddings I’ve had the pleasure of capturing.

Amy & Cody's Dr Sun-Yat Sen Gardens Wedding

Stephanie & Paul's Bloedel Conservatory Wedding

Connie & Brent in Heron's Bridge Wedding

Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens Micro Wedding

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding?

  1. More time! And more creativity!

    You’ll have more time for portraits and creativity with your photographer. Having more time can help you get to different locations and showcase where you’re getting married featuring the perfect mountain tops, oceans, and forests that make Vancouver so special.
  2. More flexibility with the timeline.

    Since your budget is stretched further because you’re spending less money on the venue, beverages, food, etc., it gives a good opportunity to spend further on the things that matter to you the most with more personalized details.

  3. More tailoring to you and your vision.

    You get to really dig in and craft a ceremony that truly reflects you and your partner. It provides a great opportunity to celebrate in an intimate way. Feel free to get excited.

Planning a micro-wedding

When making the decision to plan a micro-wedding, think about your guests - who do you really want to be there? If your parents are involved and there are certain traditions you want to keep, make sure to  connect with the family elders to help make the decisions to make sure all traditions are kept intact.

If you’re still unsure, talk to a wedding planner, and give me a call!

I’ve shot over 200 weddings and elopements over 10 years. I’m so excited for micro weddings - they allow me to get to know the couples and their stories better with the guests that matter the most.

No matter what you choose, spend time designing your day and remember to celebrate each other.

Elopement Micro Wedding Vancouver

Are you planning a wedding this year? Contact me and I'd be happy to support you as you plan your day.

Bloedel Conservatory Micro Wedding Vancouver

Are you planning a Vancouver Micro Wedding this year or next?

I feel truly lucky to be a Vancouver Micro Wedding Photographer and I would jump at the chance to shoot your micro wedding with any of the above planners or venues! If you’re getting married and you like what you see above or have a recommendation for either a planner or a venue, then please get in touch either via my contact form below or by emailing me at I’d love to get to know you and hear more about your wedding photography and your big day in Vancouver.


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